10 Day You Challenge- 7 Wants

Challenge #4 of the 10 Day You Challenge


My 7 Wants…

All types of wants mashed together!


1. For us to live happily among family and friends always in good health and with enough money in our pockets to be comfortable.




2. Our mortgage, and all loans pertaining to our house, paid off!  This is our only debt and I want it paid off!




3.  A Summer home along the shores of The Cape!  I want to give my family, and the generations that follow, the opportunity I never had as a child with a Summer home.

CapeCodJuly2013 110


4.  To retire young with my husband and to live most of the year right here! 

 (Comm Ave.)


5. A harlequin Great Dane with blue eyes. (if I cannot have ’em, blue eyes, I wanna be surrounded by them!)

greatdane great dane <– is this cuteness for realz?


6.  Two black cars- one vintage and one spanking brand new.

Preferably..a ’65 Lincoln Continental all chrome with suicide doors.

snagged this pic off the net!
snagged this pic off the net!

annnd a fully loaded, 2014 BMW X6




7. To grow gracefully in good health while never losing my sense of humor, sense to travel, sense of wonder, sense of pride, sense of family, my deep heartfelt feelings or my cray cray mind… and being able to share the wisdom, lessons-learned and stories of a life lived with my family!!   I never had grandparents in my life, but I’ll be damned if I don’t make an amazing one like my Mom and Dad!  There truly is nothing worse than an old person that has lost themselves in life so they are left with no stories to share and nothing to learn from!

Probably the best Nonni on the planet.  Never will you meet more selfless people...I promise you won't.
Probably the best Nonni on the planet. Never will you meet more selfless people…I promise you won’t.








This wasn’t that tough, but still it was weird to think about what I actually want, in life or in general.

Till next Tuesday!

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