Cape Cod Summer 2014

Hey Everyone!

Hope you guys are doing well, and enjoying some Summer weather.

I had been away on vacation last week, as you may have noticed from my social media lapse.  I didn’t completely go off grid, but close enough in my book!!

I still cannot believe our vacation is already over! The whole week+ flew by too fast, and I am feeling happy and deflated at the same time.  Happy for having had a fantastic week, but well, we all know what Monday holds.

Il diavolo.. work.

Bahh, I am so not thinking of that right now.. I still have the rest of this day!

I am so wiped out right now from all that we did. Then we took the girls to Canobie Lake Park at the end of the week.  Yes, after a week of bliss on The Cape we decided to take the girls to Canobie for… NINE HOURS!  We are nuts, but we had a great time there with the girls as we usually do.

So, about our week on the cape…

We spent the week at the Red Jacket Beach Resort; a resort in South Yarmouth set up on a stretch of private beach that is parallel to the Parker River along the Nantucket Sound. We had stayed there two years ago for a short stint, some of you guys might remember, but we always talked about going back…and we finally did!

The Resort is ideal for anyone looking for some relaxin’ on The Cape, and I mean it.. kids or no kids.  It is a quick drive off of Main Street, which is real convenient.  Main St is where you’ll find all your typical Cape Cod entertainment, restaurants and pubs, pharmacies, candy and souvenir shops and water toy stops.  The resort is situated privately at the end of a long line of beaches; most of which are private, too, with an exception of a 100ft stretch that is public.  That is located a handful of beaches away from the Beach Resort though.

The resort has a lot of amenities..the biggest is the beach with free turquoise lounge chairs, umbrellas, towels, at chair drink service, and someone else to clean your mess up rather than you lugging it back! There’s also a nearby golf course, an onsite spa, three heated pools (one kiddie), a full service bar under a canopy viewing the beach, Kids Klub. volleyball, shuffleboard, and a slew of awesome stuff.

The Kids Klub was something we used a few times for a few hours here and there. This was a major bonus for us to have alone time, but it was a bigger bonus for the girls who enjoyed it a tremendous amount. Kids Klub started at 9:30AM until 1PM and it is for children 5yrs-12yrs. We never signed them up for the entire time, but we might next visit!  They had a variety of activities that were lead by two-three counselors, like camp counselors. They offered group activities like indoor or outdoor swimming, catch the flag, soccer, building sand castles, but it always ends with quieter activities like arts and crafts one hour before pick up. One morning they got to play bases and hit baseballs on the beach with the Yarmouth Red Sox, which they loved.  Each kid also walks away with a free shirt they personalized during sign up.

Another part of the Klub they liked was that they got to hang out with other kids they met at the resort; which was my oldest daughter’s favorite part.  She made a lot of friends that ended up hanging out with us throughout our stay which was sweet.

Here are a few snapshots of the Beach Resort with descriptors. The pictures do it no justice really.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We tried our best to wash away work stresses and relax during this trip.  We had a lot of fun on the days we resort swapped..that is what we called it.  The Red Jacket owns a few other resorts along the same beach span that their patrons can visit for beach or pool fun, entertainment, dining, or whatever amenities are available. So, we took a visit at two;  the Blue Water and Riviera.  They are side by side at the end of the stretch of beach which was convenient to visit both, and they both had a ton of fun stuff for us to do.  My favorite was the inflatable maze for the kids right on the beach, which I did a few times, too.  I am a sucker for inflatables…that are ON THE BEACH!

Here are some shots of our visits there:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Both resorts had pools that overlooked the beach, just as the Beach Resort where we were staying. The vibes were definitely different from one another and though I liked them all, there is just something about that Beach Resort I like so much.  We had stayed on the Riverside before, and this time on the poolside, and there is just something about being that close to the relaxation that makes me so happy.  Opening up the curtains in the morning to the sounds of the birds and waves crashing in the distance brings me a tremendous amount of joy.

Here are some more shots from places we visited off resort and our daily goofing around.  If you hover your mouse over each image it will pop up with descriptors.


Is it ok to cry over the end of this vacation?

Till next time Cape Cod!!  Which is in a couple of weeks!

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