Our Home Renovations.. Saying Goodbye To The Before!

Hi Everyone!
The construction crew is planning to start demolition tomorrow. TOMORROW!!!!

I am so … excited! Excited to say goodbye to all the 1980s wooden cabinets, the peeling paint, the laminate countertops, the strange bathroom design, the wall that split one space, the built in table, the gross stucco wall covering, the old casement windows, the popcorn ceilings that are at different pitches, the crappy 1970s brown porcelain tile and heinous decor!

Join me in saying SEE YA LATER UGLY SPACE!!


BEFORE: The kitchen view from the dining room entrance. I cannot wait to see all this wood disappear.
The kitchen view from the existing doorway, which will no longer be there after the job. That wall where the Hopper print is will also be gone. Along with that weird built in table. My gawd the 80s were an ugly era.
The kitchen view from the stove of the pantry and the doorway that goes out to the bathroom, tv room and the exterior back door. That entry way will be gone..and this view will be of the new fridge. Where my youngest daughter is standing will be an open space, no more wall!
The kitchen view from the stove. This will change completely too. This will be where the stove will be, and the wall will be closed off and new cabinets in front.
Oh this ugly bathroom. This bathroom WAS magenta when we moved in. And to coin my brother in law, it looked like a bathroom you’d find at a Sunoco station. This will completely change too..entrance shifts, and it’s getting gutted to the studs. YAY!!
Bathroom View from door. Goodbye ugly bathroom flooring!
Bathroom view from door. Goodbye ugly wall covering of stucco!
Dining room view from entryway from living room. This wall and that weird closet are going GOODBYEEOOO! Yay!
Dining room- this closet will be gutted, as with this whole part of the house, and will become cabinets with a service for the dining room.
Today..the walls that will be torn down were decorated by us in homage of how we felt all these years. I couldn’t stand this wall!


8 thoughts on “Our Home Renovations.. Saying Goodbye To The Before!

  1. GOOD LUCK!!!! are you moving out during renovations?…. or living with builders??… (I know the feeling…. done the renovation in Croatia, soon to renovate new apartment here in London 😉

    1. Thank u!! No we crammed a makeshift kitchen (no oven), along with a tv room and playroom into our living room. We tried our best o take all storage out and leaving it all workable space and necessities. It is going to be tough all crammed in here for a few months, especially with a six n eight yr old. Hah. It is a lot of work right?! So glad u can relate. Xoxo

      1. a lot of work, takes longer than the builder usually says… and things go wrong. But don’t worry, it all works out fine in the end. Always.

  2. Lol. Oh i hope so! Ive been stuck in the nerves side of planning this project, and watching them take down the cabinets I amf eeling relieved.. No turning back now! Ty!

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