Small Update That I Just Had To Share!

Hey all! So as you know, today the guys started on the kitchen demolition portion of the project. Right now they are gone; it’s been a long day for them. They got through taking down that wall which split the kitchen and dining room, removed the side of the faux ceiling of the dining room, and removed all the cabinetry and fixtures. Check it out below!

Probably my last pics of the kitchen till it is finished!!

View from where the fridge use to be!


View from dining room steps!


AlsoooooOoooo, I couldn’t help my curiosity this morning and stepped on the scale for an official personal weigh in. Habit. I don’t know how this happened, but I lost a lb this week! I am officially in a whole new weight bracket with these two recent loses! I cannot believe it! I am below another dreadful number I hated to see on my scale. Seriously, I am struck dumbfounded by this cause I honestly wasn’t trying. I was keeping tabs on not eating portions that were huge, but that was it. What a great surprise! Yes!!

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