Waking up Fall.

This morning, I woke up laying on my right side. Opened my tired eyes to view the light spilling in from our window.
My cat is sitting on the sill. Perfectly still like a statue, he is facing the window perched on the skinny white sill.
He hears me rustle in the sheets. His ears flicker. I broke his trance, as he turned slowly toward me to give me his Cheshire cat-like smile.
Through the bedroom window behind him, I see the glistening green lawn peppered with Oak tree leaves and Pine needles.
At the bottom of the window’s exterior, behind Gordon’s little paws, the season’s exhausted Knockout Rose buds are closed yet still striving upward for bits of light.
A few squirrels are in my view from the mini Japanese Maple. Their bushy grey tails flouncing behind them as they trot around the tree then behind the large boulder..eventually out of sight.
The sky is all aglow above the tree line; bright blue smeared with wispy white clouds.
The trees are still green, but poking through are those rich red Oak leaves that are tinged with orange and yellow.
The sunshine streaming through the branches and shining over the lawn in patches.
The air seems chilly.
I imagine the smells of dewy grass, dry leaves and distant fireplaces where families are cozy in bed, just as I am.


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