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“How’s the House?”

First let me say Thank You to all of you guys that have been reading! You have no idea how much I appreciate all the comments and feedback from FB, Twitter and here. And, I saw this morning that I have gained a couple more followers, and that is so flattering!  Thanks guys!

Hey All,

Well, holy moly what an insane couple of days around this house!!

With Halloween tomorrow, the girls are all a chatter about dressing up twice tomorrow, for school then trick o’treating at night.  I am as well!  I love Halloween.  Though, I will also be slightly bummed, too.   Every year my family and friend crew go out from a central meeting point for Halloween night. We had been that point for a handful of years, just missing it one year when we had the power outage and the town changed the date.  But, as we are knee-deep in the reconstruction phase right now, we are all jammed into this living room space, so not much room to entertain.  Then with my sister and sister-in-law having little ones, this year we will be a smaller group going out from our house to the neighborhood.  It’ll be a bummer for sure, cause I now have to figure out how to celebrate this with them and get pictures!

Only good thing is .. It’s supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow night, which means NO GLOVES AND HEAVY COATS!!  lol

So about the house. The biggest changes, noticeable aside from the gutting of the space, are the construction of the pocket door for the TV/playroom, that rickety back door was converted to a wall for our laundry closet, and that entryway into the kitchen was framed into a wall. The unnoticeable things are all the joists and ceiling work that has been going on every day.

Lots of fun every night when we venture to ‘the other side’ to check out all their hard work, though. The construction crew has been working full on 6 days a week! SIX! From sun up to sun down. The electrician was over on Saturday till almost 8PM and last night was around till 6:30PM!!  YOW$A!  But he is really working hard to get the house up to proper code since it was a disaster before. All the guys are working intensely hard all day. And the most amazing part of it all is that they are always sweeping, vacuuming and keeping it neat throughout!  At the end of the day you can walk over without much worry…it is a good thing. 🙂

The coolest thing happened over the weekend.. we found a few vintage items left in the walls from homeowners past. It was awesome!  In the ceiling of the bathroom, I found an interesting orangey newspaper clipping from 1945 poking through the insulation. A newspaper out of California, that was all about livestock auctions. Weird and random.  Then the crew found a few vintage Christmas cards from folks out of Lawrence from 1946 addressed to the residents here with just the street name, no number, and along with those was an invoice to Cedardale, in Haverhill, for tennis lessons from 1979; both to different people and all stuffed in the dining room ceiling between beams.

This got me thinking.  Of course it did! 

We were planning to put a 2013 penny in the wall, as a token to say we were here and what year it was when the walls were opened up, BUT, then when I saw this stuff, I thought, why not make up a little snapshot of what year it is and what we’re doing to the space with a blurb about the family on paper then tuck it into the ceiling or walls. Like a hello we used to live here kind of thing; add to the tapestry of its past…?

I know I would’ve loved to have a better sense of who lived there, what it looked like and what they changed.

That is it for now!  There is a whole mess of noise right by my ears of saws, wet/dry vacs and singing.. 🙂

Love you all!


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Our Home Renovations.. Saying Goodbye To The Before!

Hi Everyone!
The construction crew is planning to start demolition tomorrow. TOMORROW!!!!

I am so … excited! Excited to say goodbye to all the 1980s wooden cabinets, the peeling paint, the laminate countertops, the strange bathroom design, the wall that split one space, the built in table, the gross stucco wall covering, the old casement windows, the popcorn ceilings that are at different pitches, the crappy 1970s brown porcelain tile and heinous decor!

Join me in saying SEE YA LATER UGLY SPACE!!


BEFORE: The kitchen view from the dining room entrance. I cannot wait to see all this wood disappear.
The kitchen view from the existing doorway, which will no longer be there after the job. That wall where the Hopper print is will also be gone. Along with that weird built in table. My gawd the 80s were an ugly era.
The kitchen view from the stove of the pantry and the doorway that goes out to the bathroom, tv room and the exterior back door. That entry way will be gone..and this view will be of the new fridge. Where my youngest daughter is standing will be an open space, no more wall!
The kitchen view from the stove. This will change completely too. This will be where the stove will be, and the wall will be closed off and new cabinets in front.
Oh this ugly bathroom. This bathroom WAS magenta when we moved in. And to coin my brother in law, it looked like a bathroom you’d find at a Sunoco station. This will completely change too..entrance shifts, and it’s getting gutted to the studs. YAY!!
Bathroom View from door. Goodbye ugly bathroom flooring!
Bathroom view from door. Goodbye ugly wall covering of stucco!
Dining room view from entryway from living room. This wall and that weird closet are going GOODBYEEOOO! Yay!
Dining room- this closet will be gutted, as with this whole part of the house, and will become cabinets with a service for the dining room.
Today..the walls that will be torn down were decorated by us in homage of how we felt all these years. I couldn’t stand this wall!


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Summer’s a’comin!

With Father’s Day now behind us, the Summer, well, beach season, is close to officially kicking off. Four more days people!

Which is a fun season to be in New England.  Obviously, the weather is hotter. The days are longer. The people are cheerier and chill.

But in New England, life really changes. The sleepy beach communities and artist colonies along the waters come alive, and are packed. The seafood is more a plenty, and too good for words. The Summer music/concert scene is back.  Fruits and vegetables are at their freshest, which means the farmer’s markets are in full swing-my favorite shopping pastime. Tourists from around the globe visiting. Wearing less clothes, or beach clothes, but still needing a cozy hoodie at night. Free movie nights on the Esplanade. There are late nights on the patio with friends. Eating ice cream becomes more of a necessity to keep cool. Fireworks. The rooftop and seaside decks open up. Chilled white wine takes on that familiar meaning again. The kids play outside longer.  The waters along the coasts are not ice-cold, and everyone starts sporting a tan.  Even yours truly. Yup, this super pale gal turns a nice shade of… ivory. Hah.  Sadly, I am the only Sicilian woman I know that doesn’t break into an envious golden tan too easily.  Even my fairest of Irish friends get a tan in 30 minutes of full sunshine. One to make me jealous!! So, needless to say, hanging with me definitely is a perk if you’re tanning. I deflect a constant stream of sun to you. No joke! But my goal this year is to change this. I am going to get dark if it takes me every darn day sitting in the sun for hours! Dark! I tells ya! 

…Summertime. Sigh. We have a lot going on, which can either make or break this Summer.

Make the Summer?
We finalized our Cape trip and a few fun days/weekends of “daycationing” along the shores. And are in the mental planning stages of BBQs & get togethers.  This will be our 3rd annual Summer family trip to The Cape. A tradition I have been wanting to start for so long, and happy to realize we are already 3 years into! Yeah!

All this planning is fun, and making me feel real good. Which I need. To think about the Summer. Fun clothes. The brightness all around. The sunshine warming my skin. The gentle breezes of the beach… aww man! I get all giddy. I think I am heliophilic.  (Heliophilia (n.) a desire to stay in the sun; love of sunlight.)  No, seriously.  Even though I have the hardest time tanning, with high SPF on I should mention, that feeling of the warm sun on my skin… I… I crave it! Gah, I just love it! And I NEED IT!  I do, literally, wait all year for Summer!

So, bring on the 80+ degrees and full days of sunshine!!  This girl needs a smoking hot tan!

Break the Summer? And, possibly, the bank.
Another adventure coming up is our much-needed home renovations!  Yeah, let’s keep feeding the money pit!

We started window shopping for cabinets, countertops, tiles, and appliances this Saturday in place of our usual date night.  Which was major for us, to finally visually come together on ideas and aesthetics.   I mentioned the renovations casually before, and the reality is it is going to be another HUGE house project! Oye…we need to completely gut three spaces for a whole new kitchen/dining room, a new bathroom, and a new laundry space. There isn’t a way around it.

So, Poorsville here we come for a while..again.  I am ok with it. Gotta be anyway, right?; and I have to keep in mind that we will have a whole new modern, comfortable way of living, which is the point.  It is an excited nervous feeling I have about all this. We have a house we didn’t build and can’t control, (a little Vampire Weekend for ya), which means needs a lot of upgrading. Which then means, it’s going to be an expensive project.. and time-consuming.   I am exhausted just thinking about it!

And you know I will be posting to you guys with pics and updates!

So, needless to say, I have somewhat of a big Summer planned..and this is along side family and friends’ birthdays, my new nephew’s birth coming within two weeks, holidays, anniversaries, working and the girls going to camp. And, still in Summer, the girls will be starting school insanely early (in August!).  Which brings me to my happiest mental landscape for the end of the Summer..both children in school!  I know, I sound selfish, but I am really not.  They are great kids, and I love them, too much at times; but this relief of not having to work from home with a child harassing me hasn’t happened in almost 8 years!  This brings a whole new meaning of happiness working from home.  Which I desperately need!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and, that all my very sweet & handsome Fathers out there had a wonderful day!