Weighing in! #16 and some ranting!

Happy Fall!  A few weeks ago I had made a mini challenge to lose 5lbs by October 1.  If I make the goal, I will see a number I have been dying to see on the scale for a long time! Too long.

On a good note, I lost 1lb so far!  But ..I have four lbs to lose before next Tuesday!! ARG! Six days.

I am having such an issue with this goal that it is upsetting me.  😥  Could stress affect weight loss? Anyone know?  I have been feeling stressed, which is unlike me.

As I have talked about before, I have been prepping for the major renovations that should be kicking off next week. My role has been to deal with packing up the dining room, kitchen, bathroom and part of our TV/playroom; while we are all still living in them. We have a lot of stuff! All of the boxes have been stored in my house on the second floor and in our living room. Where we have to create a makeshift kitchen, playroom, and living room as soon as the guys show up.  And we have to live this way until at least December..a birthday ruiner? Probably!!  The packing has been on the heels of other family events that we haven’t rebounded from quite yet; and some I am trying to plan on our horizon.  We still have to go out and shop appliances and materials! oye.

Also, I didn’t quite expect to stress out from both the girls full-time in school! Going through their backpacks at night is demanding. Between homework and papers; I don’t know about others being as bombarded with information from their schools, but holy crap the paperwork!  Then add in the orientations, school or teacher emails, online class updates, Tuesday’s 3 hour curriculum night, and the upcoming 2 different day parent teacher meetings.. after school care, dance class…when do I NOT talk to my children about school?

Adding to this, I have been swamped with work, too. Over the Summer, my division changed one of our major security vendors, one of which I have worked with closely for almost 10 yrs! With this new change, I experienced a major lag in receiving project based proposals. But look what I got yesterday and have to process in five days..

I am looking at this...grumbling.
I am looking at this pile of proposals…grumbling.

And, on top of all this..long story I am making SUPER short.  My whole family has been turned upside down over the past month or so.  One of my Aunts, who is 82, has moved in with my parents.  YEP. You heard me right.  So, it’s been somewhat stressful for everyone in my family on a daily basis since she got here.  I am hoping things will settle on this front soon as she will be a normal part of our family.

I guess, I need to take time to breath.  Realize all these things will even out eventually, and focus one one day at a time.  But, lemme tell ya, I am thankful I am not a stress eater!

Thanks for listening to me rant everyone!  Cross your fingers for me to make this goal!


One thought on “Weighing in! #16 and some ranting!

  1. Hang in there! Sooner or later the storm will subside and you will have a rainbow of a kitchen. In the end, would we have it any other way? Probably not.

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