Weighing In! #15 and next mini goal!

Hey Everyone!


I weighed in this morning and am still at the same weight.
… I know, what the hell is going on!? I cannot complain though, I haven’t ever maintained the same weight for as long as I have like I have through this weight loss journey!

But the biggest culprit is that I still haven’t been back to the gym. I am not ready to stop my Summer sabbatical quite yet. I am enjoying myself way too much! Though I feel that I am in desperate need to lift weights. That is my one favorite thing to do at the gym; lat pull downs are the best. I love to feel strong, and right now I feel slightly weaker than before the Summer started. So, I think I need to make a better effort now that the Summer is coming to an end soon by starting back to the gym next week.

So, I realized today that I never made a next phase weight loss goal. Do I do this now??

I guess I would like to put it out there that I want to lose 5lbs by October. In 21 days I would like to shed five lbs and maintain a full week…think I can do this? I hope! The rest of this month is a super busy one for my family, as it was so far; with the girls’ big birthday bash Sunday and a few get togethers. It makes it a real challenge!!

I promise..next Monday there is no alternative than to go to the gym! Gotta make this promise to myself!!

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