Weighing in! #6 and this week.

Finally, it is Friday! So cliché, but TGIF!! This week has been one of the strangest I have had in a long time. But, now it is over…so, let me get to my weigh in!

I am down 2 lbs! Yesssssss!! Soooo happy! Finally, broke the curse! Is it queer that I am this excited to report a two lb loss?? But I totally am!! Woke up this AM feeling happy, and great; so, I immediately weighed myself, and since, I have been on cloud nine. Now my total seems better, 10.5lbs total loss, which most of this time was spent just watching my diet than exercising. But, now that life is going to be less hectic, starting next week, it will become a priority again. I need to drop more weight!

I miss going to the gym sometimes, but can shift gears too quickly to not go. Honestly, I think I’m the type of person who needs literal pushing to go to the gym. I don’t know, maybe I need to hire a giant, bouncer type man to pick me up and throw me through the doors of the gym type of motivation? I can actually see that. And that it would work. Until I learned to dodge him. Oye.

I am still striving for these next five pounds to be off though soon. Let’s go lucky 15!!

Tonight, the big man comes home from his Philadelphia trip. It felt like he has been away for weeks, but it has only been days! I am so looking forward to him home, and for date night. I need a nice night chilling out with him…eating sushi…and catching up on The Office finale! Hah.

Tomorrow is the girls’ big dance recital. I am so looking forward to their recital! Getting them all dolled up (hair and makeup) is such a joy for me. They turn into little dolls, and it is hilarious to see them acting all mature with lipstick. Cracks me up completely. Then after their big dance, we are whisking the family members attending to dinner. That should be fun. Then Sunday, our good friend’s daughter will be celebrating her communion…so we have a full weekend, once again. ;). No complaints, cause I love being out with my family and friends.

Oh, I almost forgot… Snagged the new Vampire Weekend album Monday, Vampires of the Modern City. If you did not know, I am a super fan. Not a day goes by that I am not listening or singing their music. So, if you haven’t yet..go get the new album! So far, I am real happy with it. Been listening to it for a few days, and some songs are sticking already. Sounds as though they are back to their title track roots.

Which brings me to The Airborne Toxic Event’s latest album, Such Hot Blood, I got last week. Real good, and I got to see them perform a few of the newer songs last Friday. I am a huge fan of theirs, and still love their former music more than this album.  All at Once and All I Ever Wanted, live at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, must haves. But I am still giving this new album a go. It is just their former stuff is perfection. If you are unfamiliar with them, go youtube their Walt Disney concert hall videos. They’re a great band to see live.

And now I am thinking about my next show.  So psyched for August…going to see Beck! Haven’t seen him since 1997 or 1998!! He doesn’t tour much, and his show sold out in no time. Real excited to see him! Ok ok, I gotta run or else, I babble for hours.

Have an amazing weekend!

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