Weighing in! #4. And other stuff.

Well. I am a bit deflated today, but decided to weigh in anyway. How else do you pick yourself up other than to make yourself feel utterly worse? lol. So. I’m trying to keep smiling.

Well, drat. I haven’t lost anything this week. I haven’t gained anything this week, either. Stayed idle. Eh. What can I say? I sucked this week. But I am not really that upset over it. I didn’t get to the gym much cause life happened, but kept a super sharp eye on eating..so that is something right? Keeping at weight is just as important to me anyway.

Sucks, but could’ve gained weight. As I really see it, it’s a good thing. A win, per se.

Today, I brought my youngest daughter to her Kindergarten screening. She is such a big girl…my baby. She did so well, and was so excited to tell me all about the questions and answers she knew; I am def a proud Mamma. Over the past handful of weeks, maybe two months, she has grown academically. Which is a big relief. She shows us that she likes to learn given the right reinforcement, and I am thrilled. Our oldest was born an academic and artist, which was easy. So, having our youngest not the same way was a slight challenge. But I have confidence she will be just as great as her big sister!

Now, the next phase is at the end of June, where I have to dish out the payment for full day Kindergarten… Uhm, I don’t want to rant about it, but it’s fucking $4300, which we paid $500 already up front. Is it just me, or do you find paying almost five grand for Kindergarten ridiculous, too? Ugh, I never can win. I am always dishing out money. But this is it, after Kindergarten we are free! Lol I hope!

I wanted to also blab about some good things going on.

… I never mentioned my husband’s recent promotion from a few weeks ago. He works for a big non-profit in Boston. Has been there since his college internship in 1998, I think? He loves it. So, they created a manager of design position, basically tailored for him since he has been in a role mirroring that for a while now. He went through his rounds of interviews, and nailed it, of course. I am so proud of him. He is extremely talented, easy going, and he works so well with his peers. Who are now reporting to him. This new position has to still pick up steam, and once it does it’ll be great. He will be great.

Tomorrow, the girls have their first recital rehearsal after school. Very excited. Then at night my oldest is attending the school’s Daddy Daughter Dance, while my other daughter is at a bday. It’s her second dance with the big man, and she is so excited. I cannot wait to get her dolled up with her hair up! My youngest is psyched about her party, too, cause it’s a ‘faux sleepover’. So she can wear her jammies. Any excuse to not wear a skirt or dress!

Oh, and my husband finally drafted our electronic blueprints for our renovations. Now we can get a few more quotes. We are looking to renovate our kitchen, dining room and back bathroom. See? I never can not dish out money!! Lol. I have a post about my house coming up soon. The changes we have made in eight years and our next phase. So, I will talk about the money pit then … I am excited and nervous..and slightly overwhelmed over this job.

Well, have a great rest of the week everyone! Wish me luck over the next few days to keep myself in check! xoxo

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