Weighing In! #3

Well, it’s been a crazy span of time in the weight loss department since my last weight in.  Which, I can’t believe was 16 days ago!!

Since that last post, I have been real busy with my family. Took a week off from ‘dieting and exercise’ during the school vacation week, where we spent 3 days on The Cape.  During that trip, we learned of the Marathon Bombings. Which sucked the life out of us.  The rest of vacation week was spent working from home with my girls, and by Friday, we were all glued to the TV on basic lockdown waiting to hear about the suspect. It was a tough week on everyone around here.

Today, I am sorta proud to say I am down another lb.  Just one.  It’s not that big a deal, but it’s something, right?!  I started using myfitnesspal for the first time.  I got the app a long time ago, but never really used it. Finally, Monday, I hunkered down and started logging my food intake.  Which I am glad I did. Cause I am not really that bad of an eater seeing it on the screen.  So we’ll see if this will work as a mental motivator, too.

And I am not seeing many distractions coming up this week/weekend where I’d slip up again.  Two weekends from now starts a stint of family get togethers, birthdays and some parties..so we’ll see how I do then. 😉

Wish me luck!  xoxo



4 thoughts on “Weighing In! #3

  1. Great job!! You didn’t go backward which is tough to do while on vacation. I find that it only gets easier as it warms up. Less comfort food, more in season produce!!

  2. Thanks Cindy! It is so hard to not abandon good judgement on vacation! And i agree, i eat totally different in warmer weather. May be why I want to flee to warm climates!

  3. You are doing awesome V!! I love that you are not beating yourself up after being on vacation…I’ve used myfitnesspal before and love that you can scan labels! It drove me a bit crazy inputting everything, but I loved being able to see even the sugar breakdowns of each food. As a raisin addict I’ve cut down on those super sugary grapes 😉 I had a big fail last weekend and went on a cheese binge – holy mother of bloat! I just punched myself 😉 xo

    1. Thanks girlygirl! Usually, being on vacation means i am stuffing my face with fried everything and burgers…but this time I really did try to keep that type of junk to a minimum, but i did eat an ice cream and brownie sundae! Lol! I didnt kno u loved raisins that much! We need to hang out soon…like after work, get drinks and gossip till we pass out.

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