*So excited*

I have dropped 3 lbs since my last blog weigh in!  YES!!

Down 7lbs total!  This is with the big Easter dinner, a few get togethers for drinks, and some days I couldn’t make it to the gym in between!  Cleaning the yard all day Sunday helped a great deal though.  I took that as my gym day, for 6 hours.  So, at this point, I am about half way to my first goal of losing 15lbs.

WOW!! That just felt so great to type!

Even though I feel motivated, a part of me is nervous to fail. I try to not listen to that part of me, but it’s hard sometimes. Even more so when I put accountability on myself in public, like through this blog.  The last time I took on a challenge to lose weight, I was going from someone who rarely exercised to someone who exercised 3-4 times a week.  Basically, the weight fell off. The changes were much more evident week by week. This time around, though the scale is moving in the right direction, down!, and my face looks slimmer, I am just nervous I will lose sight cause it may not be the fast results I was used to back 3 years ago.  I am creeping down. Going down a dress size, is different from going down 3.

I should mention, I am somewhat of a Veruca Salt.  The “I want it now” type of girl is within me.. at times.  I know, a terrible quality, but that’s just how I can be sometimes, and not over everything. It’s so unrealistic to think that way in regards to weight loss though. To start-up exercising and changing eating habits to see major results in an instance. So wrong.  I should keep that in my mind.  I am seeing and feeling changes all the time.  Less fat face. A hip bone sticking out here. Defined waist. Less jiggle arms.  hah I just sound beautiful don’t I?  Well, I read an article a few months ago, that was about seeing results.  It just popped into my head when I said I was Veruca. The article was about how YOU may feel results right away, see results in 2 weeks, but FAMILY/FRIENDS don’t usually see them until 4 weeks of progress. Which is true!  I notice this that last time I wanted to lose weight.  I felt great right away.  My scale started to move downwards. My clothes fit and looked better within a couple of weeks. Then everyone started noticing within a few weeks. Funny how that works out isn’t it?

Well, that’s my weigh in for today!

Got to keep positive so I don’t fail.