Updated Blog..

I’ve been posting to this site since November 2012, and just as of now, I learned how to use WordPress the way it’s meant to be used!  Oye vay!

I am not usually this slow, seriously. I just never sat down to learn the tools, menus or widgets until recently. Which was something I wanted to learn for the sake of this blog all along!  So, after a few days of learning all the customized components, and, trying multiple theme options …I am done!

I went with the newer theme, Adelle.  Its elegant layout, font, color, and simplicity, just feels better.  Also, I like the pink polka dots. They are so cute!  I decided on a theme change, because I felt like the purpose for my blog was lost with that other layout, TimePiece.  It is real attractive and the home page featured pictures were fun; that was the initial reason for choosing it and holding onto it for so long.  But I felt like my femininity, sweetness and humor was lost somehow.  Which is why I switched it up to Adelle.  It’s clearer with the navigation imo.  Now there is a menu bar to my specific categories at the top, like to my recipes and crafts. Which will allow me to be more specific in my posts.  Widgets on the side bar to my past posts, my other social media and to FOLLOW MY BLOG!  Finally,  I know! Some had asked about that, and I figured out how to pop one on there.  Yah me!

So, browse. Share. And. Let me know what you all think!

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