Weighing in!- First Loss To Report

Super excited to weigh in this morning!

This week was the first week in a while where I gave more than 100% of my attention to trying to lose weight. I mean, I have been hitting the gym 3-4 times a week, and doing real well there, I can see changes. But, the scale had been still, or dropping 1-2lbs, and then bouncing right back up..yuk. But this week, I got in my groove. Hit the cardio harder, and shifted my weight training.

… And I am happy to say I dropped 4lbs since Sunday! Yes!!

Actually, I weigh in every day, to keep myself aware of my number. It’s a habit I have had for three years. Seeing the numbers going down are way better than seeing them go up. And by no means do I think people should stand on a scale every morning, because the scale is evil. And people can get demotivated quick. Always bouncing between 2 -4 numbers ..even in a day. It just works for me though; to kick my butt when I see the numbers going up or staying the same. And I haven’t really visualized a goal till last weekend.

So, I guess I should officially state my goal to the world! First, let me say that my goal is somewhat small and in two parts. I want to lose 15lbs, which if I keep up the good work, will be there by the end of April. If I hit it, I will be at my goal weight of 2010, which is when I dropped 57lbs out of 60lbs. And, then will work on my next goal when I get there. Which will be maintaining a month, bringing me to end of May, then losing 10lbs. Which will bring me to my weight when I got married! Just a normal curvy figure, not skinny or chubby. I just want to feel like I can wear anything, and when I look at myself in pics or the mirror I can be totally ok. I am fine now, love myself, but we all look at ourselves with that scrutinizing eye, and I think I am succumbing to the bullshit recently, too. Damn. Also, I think this gloomy weather from the end of Winter/beginning of Spring has me feeling…meh. I wonder if I suffer from SAD sometimes during this time of year, cause I literally hate the weather and have feelings to flee to Southern California.

But this morning I feel great! If you can see me, I am beaming with smiles. And if I wasn’t just about to jump in the shower I’d flash a pic for this post. But no.

Ok, so that is it. I am crossing my fingers..and toes! Wish me luck! xoxo

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