Don’t Girls Have Cooties!?!?

Thought to journal a bit since I have some free time. I have been pretty busy with the family and work lately.  We are six days into Spring, and still have a lot of snow surrounding the house..though it’s melting. I think.

Came home from the gym last night to my daughter, WHO IS 7!, telling me that her buddy in class asked her out.

Uhm, say what? 

My daughter is adorable. Seriously, I can say that not being biased either. She is active. Always smiling and joking around. Her eyes shine, and are that denim colored blue, that makes you melt.  She has a great personality. She is kind, and thoughtful. Cute girl.  Loves life and loves her family a tremendous amount.  A great big sister. A wonderful daughter.  She likes to hang out with the boys, as well as, the girls, as she likes to be everyone’s pal in class.  But with the boys, there is always an adventure, which she loves. They climb that giant snow mound at recess. Slide down the other side. They like to play tag and kick ball. They can scream, laugh and yell without hesitating. They let her play an important character in their space game now.  It’s exactly where she wants to fit in, and I think they like her around, too.

So. We had to have a talk. This boy is her locker buddy; he is real sweet and hilarious. He is going to be the comedian of the class for sure.  They have always been good friends, talking and poking fun at each other.  She said yes to his question, cause she didn’t want to hurt his feelings in front of their friends. She said she doesn’t like him like more than as a friend, but she doesn’t want to lose him as a friend over it.   It’s like she was 16yr right in front of my eyes.

These past few weeks she has been coming home with a lot of stories where another boy’s telling her she is pretty, or, has a cool outfit on. Then there is another boy that keeps her company during parent pick up. I think he wants to hold her hand! Now this boy asked her out!  I think she has the kavorkaOye!!!!  This is insane right?  I mean, she is 7!! Don’t they think girls have cooties at this age?! 

Thankfully, there is still my 5 yr old daughter. Who was busy playing the drums on Rock Band for the first time last night.  At least she is still a baby …for now.

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