2023 Hitting the Highway: Folly Island and Charleston, SC /days 3-6

Hey guys! Happy Weekend!

Well. I am home. Friday was supposed to be the day we made our way to Saratoga for my daughter’s regatta. Annnd… Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. Our daughter sprained her ankle Thursday night on our way out the door going to rowing practice! Ugh, I feel so bad for her and she is absolutely devastated that she won’t be able to participate in the races this weekend and possibly practice this week. And, especially over missing out on all the hotel shenanigans with her row mates but for her this weekend, it’s RICE. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevate.

Just as I typed this, my oldest daughter’s boyfriend brought over his crutches from home for her. So sweet!

Ok, well, let me get into this big post about Folly Beach!

Day three: We had a fun car trip from Raleigh, NC to Folly Beach, SC. We all piled into our car in mid-morning, excited for the adventure ahead.

My husband and I decided to let our daughter take the wheel for the last stretch of the journey. She was thrilled to be driving all of us and it was a great opportunity for her to gain more confidence driving long distances. She’s a great driver …but still new.

Once we arrived at Folly Beach, we were blown away by the view. From the parking space to the room, the beach views were all around in this complex. The sliding doors in our condo flanked the ocean, and our bedroom opened up to an amazing view of the beach. We stepped right outside to feel the calm, just taking in the view and enjoying each other’s company. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore was so peaceful and soothing. Last time we came to Folly, we had stayed in a house along the salt marshes which was a great beautiful place..but not on the beach enough for me. It was a good walk anytime I wanted to see the water. Not a huge deal but this time around was way better for this beach bum.

The condo was really spacious and well-appointed, with all the amenities we needed for a comfortable stay. The main bedroom was pretty big and had a jacuzzi tub bathroom en-suite. It was a great bedroom with lots of light and the crazy good view of the ocean. The girls each had a spacious bedroom with a queen bed and with their own full en-suite bathrooms-WHICH WAS SUCH A GREAT THING. There was also an extra bedroom with two twin beds. The place was huge.

The location was perfect too – just a super short walk to the beach, there was a pool, an outdoor restaurant across the street and we were a minute walk to the center of town.

We arrived to Folly at around 5:15pm. We took no time in setting up our spaces, emptying the car and heading out for a walk and dinner. We had a few restaurants on our minds that we really enjoyed on our last trip to Folly. So we started with Rita’s. The menu had all that we wanted and since it was a gorgeous night, we sat outdoors with live music. A great start to this part of vacation.

We walked around the town for a while and then got in our car to make a few food store purchases. We got home tired but happy to have comfy beds with the sounds of waves to knock off in.

Day four: We had planned to head to Charleston on our first full day in SC. It was the ‘chillier’ day out of our week on the beach- at 74F 😆.

We woke up early and headed out to the balcony with our coffees in hand to watch the day come up …and to see all the surfers bobbing on the water. Even caught a few dolphins jumping around the pelicans sitting on the water in the distance. We enjoyed a long morning out there before getting ready to head into town. We had reservations to Poogan’s Porch restaurant for a late brunch.

Charleston is a twenty minute drive from Folly Beach- real simple drive. We got to walk the town a little bit before getting to the restaurant. The restaurant is real popular in town and it was packed this day; so even though we had a reservation, we had to wait a little bit. It’s a great place so I see why.

The restaurant is a Victorian house, in the heart of the historic city. It was renovated in 1976- a stellar year. The story behind its name is cute but sad. The owners of the home had to move, this was in the mid70’s, and they had to make a hard decision to leave behind their best pal Poogan the dog. Poogan became a street dog running around finding scraps to eat but continued being a guardian of his home and of Queen Street where he grew up. Sitting on the porch days on end until he died in 1979.

Sad they had left him behind but we all know that pet culture was not like it is today.

The restaurant took off as a hot spot serving traditional southern cooking. It is in a great location and beautiful inside. And guys, the food was amazing. The cocktails too. My husband grabbed French toast, the girls chicken and waffles, and I an omelet. My god the amount of food! My omelet was insane.

Craziness and it was all delicious. One bite better than the last.

After brunch, we decided to visit some of the famous landmarks like Rainbow Row, the market and we even stopped to take a fun cocktail break at one of the outdoor bars. Aperol spritz anytime is a good idea.

Later on, we went shopping at some of the local stores and boutiques on King Street, which was a great experience again. There were so many stores to choose from, and we even walked into a party for some modeling agency. Sorry, guys, I did not take pics of those people! 😂 but I will tellya, I have never felt shorter or older in my entire life there. 😝

Afterward a good long day in town, we headed to Folly Beach to change and catch the sunset on the edge of the island.

It was a breathtaking view that seemed to last a long while just for us, with the ember colored sky painting the horizon in a beautiful hue. We spent some time walking along the beach, enjoying the fresh air and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore before heading back to the condo.

As it got late quickly and we finally started feeling hungry, we decided to grab take out from Chico Feo, which we didn’t get a chance to go to last trip. It is cuban-pho fusion restaurant and it’s known by the locals as the go to spot. We grabbed two Cuban sandwiches and a black bean bowl to all split. I felt pretty full after a few bites of the bean bowl, but boy the food was authentic and comforting, delicious – a perfect meal to end an already amazing day.

Day five: on day five of our trip, it was an absolutely beautiful sunny day. Our first beach day!! Yay!!

We spent the day lounging on the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying the cool breeze. We played beach games, had fun snacks and swam in the ocean. Beach life with teenagers is right up my alley, guys! No fuss in the sand and no throwing it around. It was the perfect day to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

We all got toasty in the sun. Some may say burned! 😆 but we looked like we spent the day on the sand or sure. Thank goodness for spf and aloe.

In the evening, we headed to Charleston to have dinner at Rodney Scott BBQ. The food was absolutely delicious! We ordered a variety of dishes and shared them amongst ourselves. The chicken two ways, pulled pork, and mac and cheese were some of our favorites. I personally loved the grilled chicken. The restaurant had a great ambiance, but we sat outside. It was a fun and lively atmosphere.

After dinner, we walked around the city, taking in the beautiful sights and sounds of Charleston at night. But we quickly headed home because all of us were exhausted …from doing nothing.

It was a great day spent with my family, full of sunshine, good food, and fun. I feel so grateful to have moments like these, where we can disconnect from our busy lives and enjoy each other’s company. Today was a day to remember, and I will cherish these memories forever.

Day six: We started off the day at the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying the waves like the day before.

As the day started to wind down, we headed out for our sunset cruise around Folly Island. It was amazing! We got to learn about the history of Folly Beach and Charleston while we cruised along the protected oyster marshes. We saw a few pods of dolphins (and tons of local sea birds. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and shared interesting facts and stories about the area. The highlight of the cruise was when we reached the Morris Lighthouse, and it was a beautiful sight against the sunset skies. But our youngest daughter will say the highlights were all the stops to see the sights where they shoot the show Outer Banks.

The sunset was gorgeous, and we were lucky enough to be taken to a sandbar that created a private island for us and the birds. It was an awesome experience, and we were in awe of the natural beauty surrounding us.

After the cruise, we went to dinner at Loggerheads, which was packed with people from Boston. We had a great time talking and eating burgers, and the atmosphere was lively and fun. The food was delicious, and we enjoyed the local seafood dishes.

It was a day filled with adventure, learning, and great food. I am grateful for these moments with my family, and I will cherish these memories forever.

Whew. That was a long post to type out last minute! Hope it was easy to follow and I made sense. After this stint in Folly Beach we moved on up to VA making our way home- so it should be one post to go more.

Thanks for stopping by guys! I appreciate you all and your support. Have a great weekend!

till next time xo

4 thoughts on “2023 Hitting the Highway: Folly Island and Charleston, SC /days 3-6

  1. Wow, so much good food and beautiful views, Valeria! I’m glad that your holiday was so good. You look like you almost got “lobsterised” by the sun! Happy weekend, guy. 😎🌞

    1. Thank you so much, John!

      Yes! I was pretty red there. Eek. Gosh I wish I had skin like when I was younger, that would tan in minutes but ..not my luck anymore. It’s red for a day or so then brown. I’ll take it! Hah
      Have a great weekend! 💐

      1. I burn so easily here which is why I have to stop riding the e-bike for a while or until it’s too hot. Bummer. Happy weekend! ☺️

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