Las Vegas Day 4

Hello WordPress! How are you!?

Well. It has been one week since I’ve returned from vacation. Yesterday, I started back to work. Needless to say, I need another vacation. 😆

Yesterday …working the laptop w this set up was tough.

I am taking a little break from my workday to draft out this post. I had started my day super early because I have a physical therapy appointment this afternoon.

Truly looking forward to this appointment. I have so much to discuss and ask about. On one hand, no pun intended, my wrist feels like it is getting stronger every day. Though the increments of strength are small. It’s stronger not weaker. So I am wondering what cool exercises I can move up to. Then on the other hand, I am having continued pain in certain places on my hand, that I am nervous over. Not sure if the pain should still be happening like it is (which some moments it’s excruciating) or if it’s just part of the healing process.

We shall see! Let me start on this post about Las Vegas day four.

Day 4

Today is Thursday, our fourth day away. We started off with a cheerful morning walk over to grab brunch at the Wynn Encore Resort. The day ahead of us was going to be a busy one. So we wanted to make sure that we enjoyed our morning, took some time for ourselves and ate a really good meal.

The entrance to the resort is beautiful. Much like the Bellagio Hotel they have the lobby that spills into a feature space. this beast also much like the other hotel had a display of spring flowers in a motif of a Central Park but with hot air balloons, functioning carousel and just so many beautiful motifs. A quick walk-through is definitely worth it

The restaurant isn’t far from the entrance. A walk thru the casino to the hallway. It is called “The Buffet”. There’s a reason their name is “THE” Buffet. It was an incredibly good set up of food from all cuisines. The buffet was huge! I am a sucker for Asian food and I stuck to mainly that cuisine. The sampling of food was really incredible, I’m not even exaggerating. Just in the Asian cuisine alone I was able to try Thai beef, an array of sushi, poke bowls, bao buns, and potstickers but the most incredible dumplings too. Everything was meticulous, clean, and the food was fantastic. And my family ended up getting so much food too 😆 ! They had pancakes, fish n chips, roast, crepes, pork loin, desserts, ice cream, BLT sandwiches, pizza, salmon, just all this stuff!

One of the great ideas of the restaurant, and I’m not sure about the other buffets in the area because I just didn’t go to any other ones, but they had a drink package. The drink package was $29.99, and that gave you unlimited drinks from a select menu. There was also a wine package I think but don’t quote me on that. Lol. We had champagne, Bellinis, pineapple mules, but my husband really liked the mango Mojitos.

So needless to say we were nice and cozy on our way out of there lol. We grab an Uber and made our way to Area 15. This place is bizarre in a great way. We had heard about this exhibition a few months ago, and did some research which basically enticed us to go check it out.

Area 15 collectively is an entertainment complex. Tons of fun things to look at, there’s places to eat and a bar for a drink, then there is zipline stuff and an Artist collaboration exhibition called Mega Mart. The exhibit is influenced by area 51 and all of the conspiracies that surround it. That’s the best way I can describe this place. They take you on a journey of a family who owned a store that morphed over time into a conglomerate (like Amazon) and it was taken over by aliens. BUT the aliens still wanted to basically buy, create and sell human type products .. 😆 I don’t know. I was actually confused even though I thought it was super fun because there were all of these cool floors that lead you along the story. Every turn there was something to look at, or a door to open that lead you to a new space, it was really cool just confusing lol.

Anyways after we were there for a while, because there really is so much to look at; Very clever items. We went back to our hotel to freshen up because we had reservations to go see the Cirque du Soleil show Beatles Love at The Mirage. We were really crunched for time but luckily the Mirage resort was across the street from our hotel

I wasn’t really sure how the choreography of the artists were going to be matched with the music. I had seen Cirque du Soleil once before, at the Bellagio to see Ô. And it blew me away, it was amazing …but it wasn’t iconic rock ‘n’ roll.

Albeit we are huge Beatles fans, we being me and our oldest daughter. She is a Paul McCartney fanatic. And I wish I could just say like, ‘oh yeah my daughter likes the Beatles’, like it’s a right of music passage. Ahh, no she is obsessed! With that, we sat next to each other.

We absolutely loved the show! The way they used Beatles imagery with their dancing, and the death defying acrobatics, it was poetry; it really was I’m not exaggerating. I truly adored how they kept the show in fashion with their brand. The set was a poetic 1920’s Europe but through the ages. It was delightfully beautiful. They added songs that were appropriate and left out songs that I wish they didn’t because you know, I’m a huge Beatles fan. But it was beautiful everything about it. I enjoyed it so much that I would’ve seen it again the next day.

Leaving the show we were singing.. and giving impressions of the show. We grabbed an Uber to The Venetian and walked to dinner inside the Grande Canal shops… And you guessed it. We ended the evening with a stop for gelato. My family really loves ice cream!

There we have day four! It was a fun day full of so much to see and do. I enjoyed our daughters laughter this whole day. I really do you have to say that these two are the most amazing people to hang out with.

Well now it’s time for me to get back to work. Boo! 😝 

Thank you for swinging by to read, guys! I always appreciate the conversation and support from everyone.

till next post xo!

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