Day 5- Las Vegas, NV, to Springdale, UT

Hey guys!

Hope you guys are all doing well!

I am doing fantastic! Just got back from my appointments- PT followed by a 4-week post-op with the hot Doc. Both the therapist and doctor had great things to talk about, which is why I am happy.

On the wrist motion front. At the moment, the swelling has subsided exponentially. Soon after surgery I was measuring 3 inches bigger in wrist circumference- EGAD THE WAY IT LOOKED. Also, I have full range of my digits (and have all along), my palm feels 80% better…but I still have little motion in my wrist. BUT the therapist and doctor talk to me about it like I’m some rockstar with movement.

They may be high. Jussayin 😆

They took an x-ray of my wrist again. The doctor was pumped up with what he saw on the imaging. I have no idea what he can see, because all I see is the same x-ray as four weeks ago lol. The best news of all is he thinks that I could be out of the splint sooner rather than later but he wants me to work with the therapist in a more aggressive program starting next week. Which I think means more deep tissue massage and higher rep and weighted exercise.

I can finally sigh a little relief.

OK let me get to this trip.

Day 5

This was our road trip to Utah day.

We all got up fairly early to pack up the room and for my husband to grab the rental car. There was a rental company right behind the hotel around the corner. I guess we planned the right day to leave Vegas because we woke up to gloomy rain and it was chilly. After four days of glorious hot sun the day we leave is rainy! I love when that happens.

Our first stop was to eat! We stopped into Delices Gourmands French Bakery, which is a gem off the strip. We grabbed a few bakery items to go -i.e., fresh bread cuz I cannot live without good bread, and then sat for dine in. The folks behind the counter were so sweet and patient. As by the time we showed up it was past breakfast, most of the cases were empty, so it took us a second to realize they were THAT popular. We had a Nutella and a salmon crêpes, a Caprese sandwich, a few types of croissants and muffins. Everything was beyond expectations. Every bite was delicious and I wish this bakery was near to my house!

Once we were nice and full, we took off for the Valley of Fire state park. Our first stop in the state park was to Atlatl Rock. Along the drive the rain stopped and the sun shown. It was glorious.

Before I really get into it, this second half of our trip rendered me speechless. I have never seen such mountain ranges, desert and colorful sand of this magnitude in my life. Beautiful. I was left with my mouth gaped open for most of our drive through Nevada into Utah. The Valley of Fire is an impressive natural phenomenon.

Our country is magnificent.

OK, so our first stop was to the petroglyphs on Atlatl Rock. This rock is flanked by a metal stair and platform so people can climb up to see the petroglyphs up close. These petroglyphs were carved into the flat large rock using an atlatl (a throwing stick/dart fabricated by ancient tribes). This type of sandstone, as it oxidizes on the outside, it darkens and is called desert varnish. Flaking off or carving into the rock reveals a sensational lighter color. The petroglyphs are a fascinating look at the first technology of communication and art in the area; there are beautifully depicted human shapes, animals, symbols.

While hanging out along the side of stairs, I could see where the possible staircase was where the indigenous people climbed up the rock. It looked like there was a natural staircase that went up the large bottom half, and then it met with what looked like chiseled steps further along the top. Truly thought provoking.

From the petroglyphs from the petroglyphs we took a ride to our second destination in the Valley of Fire State Park., the Fire Wave. 

This was going to be our first hike of the trip. It’s a very easy flat one mile hike along the desert ; even for myself with a broken arm.

The best way for me to describe the Fire Wave is that it is other worldly. That’s the best way I can describe everything that we experienced after leaving Las Vegas.

Parking is sort of above the trail. You begin the hike going down a sandy trail, not grand but long. The sand ends spilling the trail onto the rock. What is in front of you is flat, soft, colorfully striped rock. And the further down the path on the rock you go, it opens up to a vast area where the shape of the rock is literally like a wave in the ocean. That’s a good way to describe it …you are in an ocean of rock.


After we hung out on Fire Wave Rock we took a drive around the desert. We drove Mouse Tank Road, saw Rainbow Vista and the Seven Sisters. Gah, so beautiful.

Nature does something special to our soul, it makes us whole.

This next stint we drove to Utah. This drive from Las Vegas to Springdale, Utah, is phenomenal. The entire drive you are nestles between these mountainous beasts, and around every corner is a bigger, more beautiful, more colorful mountain. You just can’t fathom what’s on the other side of each bend. It’s awesome. 

By the time we made it to our hotel in Springdale it was 7:30 PM. The one thing we did not learn in all of our research was how early everything closes. Crazily, most things in the area close fairly early, and restaurants were no exception. So we had to make a mad dash to get ready to eat. This was the only day that we did not have a reservation.

We swung by the Spotted Dog restaurant first. The wait was going to be about an hour, but for some reason I had an inkling that we would not be waiting around that long. Within, I would say, 10 minutes of standing there, this lovely man approached me. He gave me his table buzzer and said that he and his friends were no longer going to need a table and that we could have his table! Boom! Who has intuition like that? 😆

We were all exhausted, but the second we sat down to eat dinner we got rejuvenated. The restaurant was a lot of fun. We grabbed an appetizer of fries because why not? It’s kind of funny because my husband and I ended up getting almost the same meals every night. Go figure. So at this restaurant we ended up ordering the same dish again, the braised short rib. Our oldest daughter got the shrimp scampi pasta and our youngest the pesto pasta. Everything was delicious. We ended the dinner with two shared desserts, which I didn’t eat. It’s kind of funny how much desert my family can eat that I do not partaken. I would take a full meal over desert any day.

We left their happy, and sleepy, and passed out when we got to our hotel!

Well, that is it for me right now. I really liked re- living that day; driving up into Utah has to be in the top five most beautiful places that I have ever driven. Super cool.

As always, thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate all of the support reading along. I hope you know how much it means to me.

till next time, guys! xo

2 thoughts on “Day 5- Las Vegas, NV, to Springdale, UT

  1. I am glad that your family trip down here has been a success! And that your wrist is getting better very quickly, yay! The Valley of Fire is incredibly beautiful, isn’t it! Vegas gets a bit of rain in winter, but it’s not enough to help Lake Mead. Also, behind Alaska, Nevada is the most mountainous state in the union, so it’s no surprise that you are so taken by the many mountain ranges! Be well, Valeria!

  2. Thank you, John!
    17 years ago I had seen Lake Mead, and seeing photos today turns my spirits upside down. Sad.
    I have been telling everyone I know to take a trip out there like we had just for the drive alone (between this drive and what we see in days following in Zion and Bryce) it’s beautiful beyond expectations. I understand why songs were written about them.

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