Las Vegas Day 3

Hello everyone!

So! How are you all doing? It is Saturday evening and… My oldest is off at a birthday party, my youngest is at her best friends house and my husband should be home from work soon. So this girl is alone! I can write up a post.

I am going to talk about Las Vegas day three alone. We had lots of plans and reservations for a show on both day three and four. So with these days jam-packed, it feels cleaner to post about each day.

So here we go!

Day 3

On our third day, we woke up fairly early again, but instead of running out the door, we decided to take our time to get ready. We planned on grabbing brunch. So my lovely husband decided to go to the Starbucks in the hotel’s lobby to grab us coffees. (Yay!)

Now we had seen online that the Starbucks in our hotel, and most hotels in the area, have at least 25 people in line at all times. This morning was no exception, and my husband found himself waiting in line for about a half hour or so. Not a complaint just wanted to verify that rumor was absolutely true.

I was happy everyone decided to take an easy morning because I needed this extra time, honestly, to deal with my wrist. From running around, I was having stiffness and discomfort in my fingers from swelling. Massage and anti-inflammatory lotion (CBD) is the best remedy. What I learned this week, actually, is that the incision site healing where it is acts like a dam. It is blocking the fluid from circulating back-and-forth from my hands to my arm and that is what causes the swelling and stiffness. (It’s better now thankfully).

Where was I?

We went to the Lux Café on the first floor, and we were seated in a roomy booth right by a big bright window. The service was great and we had a yummy breakfast. My husband ordered the Buffet and the girls and I ordered off menu. It was the perfect start to the day.

As soon as we were done with brunch, we made a beeline right back to the room to change into bathing suits because we were going to spend a good part of the afternoon at the pool. 

It was glorious. The weather was hot but dry, so you didn’t feel like it was hot. The sun was warm on my skin, the pools were heated so those were warm on my skin, and the drinks on that pool patio were a delight. I didn’t swim much with the arm brace on because I realized that if I got it wet it would take a lot of time for it to dry. So I basically hugged the wall in the pool and hot tub.

For this night we had reservations to go see the Blue Man Group at the Luxor Hotel. Now, I know that the Blue Man Group have been around for a long time and my husband and I had seen them twice, but our kids have never seen them. We had made plans a few years ago, and I don’t remember what happened, but things never panned out. Which I guess is a good thing, because the girls were at the prime age now to see them.

Honestly, I forgot how fun the Blue Man can be. Because the entire audience is so into the music, the antics and all of the humor. It made for a perfect show to see that night! Our 14-year-old, who usually is cynical and skeptical of having fun in crowds, had a great time. I saw her cheering. I saw her laughing and smiling and that made me super happy.

Once the show ended, we walked around the hotel because the Luxor really is unusual and I remember how in awe I was of it when I first went to Las Vegas… Oh so so many years ago.

We then took the tram from the Luxor over to The Excalibur Hotel, which we walked through quickly to get over to New York New York. Where we walked inside for the girls to check out. It was actually quite smokey somehow, which turned us all off, so we decided it was time for dinner.

We had picked a local fast food place, of a chef that we both really like, called the Crack Shack. The entire menu is based off of Southern style fried chicken.… So you can get a chicken sandwich, or an egg sandwich, or a chicken dish, biscuits, fried or onion rings.

Everything we ordered was so good!

Straight from dinner we took a walk down to a tram that connects to the Bellagio Hotel. Even though we booked to stay at the Bellagio on our last night- day 8, our way back home after Utah, we just wanted to walk through. The last time I was in Vegas this hotel was brand new and the big thing. It was THE place to stay. It was THE place to eat. Things really haven’t changed. The resort is beautiful and I love walking in the lobby seeing the Murano glass installation. I forgot how classy the entrance was.

We made our way to the large lake fountain out front to watch a few water dances, then grabbed an Uber back to the Palazzo. We got an ice cream then walked the canal till we found ourselves back at our rooms super late and ready for bed!

It was a beautiful day and we were spent. 😴

Day three is in the books. I wasn’t planning on Vegas being this fun with kids. But it was. Our girls loved everything we planned and even enjoyed one another more than usual. Bickering was at a minimum. Which! Is a big deal. (If you have siblings or kids, you know).

Ok, it’s time for me to go! As always, thank you so much for stopping by to read. I appreciate all the support and fun.

till next post! xoxo

4 thoughts on “Las Vegas Day 3

  1. Wow, I am so glad that you all had a fantastic time this day, Valeria! I love the Bellagio, my favorite. The Chihuly glass on the ceiling in the lobby is soo beautiful.

    I love the Luxor on the inside, its shape is so odd and beautiful. I met a couple Alberta there about three years ago, I follow them on IG and WP.

    Honestly, there is no way I would wait 25 minutes for any coffee, your husband sure was determined! I’ve never seen the Blue Man show but it sounds like fun. The pool sounds wonderful and it was heated too, must be nice!

    I’m enjoying your stories from Vegas, see you next time! It’s sunny and 86 at the moment…

    1. Thank you, John.
      I wish to still be in Vegas w that weather and with CrimeCon happening (i am seriously bummed it is happening on this weekend).

      Oh you should try to check out Blue Man sometime! It’s a fun experience and like the hotel it’s in, it’s quirky.

      1. Your welcome, Valeria. Today was wonderful with blue sky and mid 80s or so. I’ve not heard of crimecon, sorry!

      2. CrimeCon- It’s a Crime Convention- high profile crime case authors, former investigators, products/literature, and crime YouTube creators, podcasters and TV personalities etc. Stuff and people who true crime junkies fawn over.

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