Hello and Post-Op 3

Hello WordPress!

So, I feel as if I haven’t written an update on here in a while (because I haven’t 😂). I apologize for that hiatus, but we all need to take a break here and there. So. How are you guys doing!? Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and are having a great start to 2022.

Omg 2022, how the heck did we get here already!? Geesh.

For me. Things have been going really well since my last post. Had a birthday. I’m now really old, 45! Had lots of fun celebrating Christmas and New Years with family and friend, too. My family is always keeping me busy every day. My oldest has been gathering hours driving on her permit… between her insane social life and all her schoolwork. So, in a few weeks or so, she should be able to get her license 😱. My youngest has been working hard at school too, and just got casted in the middle school play. No actual role assigned yet, but they start today on that process. So excited for her. And my husband has been helping me and keeping me sane along the way. Heh

Work has actually been good to me, and I am enjoying my days. ‘Good to me’ means my boss has been giving me way more accolades lately, my peers are less needy, and overall, I feel less stressed out for some reason. Which must mean something terrible is coming on the horizon because when have I ever liked my job? 😆

Ok …I have to tell you about my hearing update. I can’t hold my excitement in any longer!

Today I had my latest ear appointments that I posted about last. Early this morning, I had the hearing test, and then, this afternoon, I had another post-op check-in with the Otolaryngologist (the ENT doctor). I was looking forward to this hearing test since it was scheduled…and a bit nervous for the outcome.

Though the actual sitting in the soundproof booth with someone staring at you feels awkward. I’m sitting there thinking of how much I am missing more than what I was getting rightand making the faces of cringe to match.

Well, guess what, guys!? Compared to my hearing test results from March 2021, I have IMPROVED hearing in low-frequency sounds. I actually felt like I could hear more audible sounds vs the first hearing test (where I sad faced during the long bouts of silence, knowing I couldn’t hear a thing). The doctor checked out my ear later today, and said it looked like a normal functioning ear. Only thing is a little more time is needed for my eardrum to thin out. Which I have no idea what she meant, because all I could think about was it looks normal. 😆 I have a follow up appointment in July for another hearing test and ear check up.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? I can’t. The vast improvements to my ear and hearing (seeing it on paper) is unbelievable after all I have gone through. I’m just elated.

Happy to have my hearing!

Phew what a relief! Well, that’s my update for now. Thanks for stopping by! I always appreciate your support reading along.

Till next post! 💋 xoxo

10 thoughts on “Hello and Post-Op 3

  1. I’m happy for you, Valeria! Hearing is so important. Happy Birthday! Honestly, you look like 25 to me, lovely! Have a great week, Valeria! ☺️

    1. You’re totally right about hearing. It’s such a crucial instrument, our ears, and yet so delicate. Hope you have a great week, too. Thank you so much, John!

  2. I so happy for you. Getting the surgery was a wise decision. Isnt it amazing what modern day medical surgeries can accomplish? So awesome!

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