Post-Op check-in tw-o

Hey everyone!

Since my last post, I have been relishing recovery between working, hosting Thanksgiving and the rush of shopping for these holidays. Oh, and my sixteen year old driving on her permit. Egad, folks! 😂

Hope everything is going well with you and that you had a great Thanksgiving with lots of friends, family and food, and, that you have been enjoying a peaceful December. Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrated the holiday last week, too! 🕎

So, I had my second check-up with the doctor late yesterday afternoon, and all is going really well. Which is a huge relief! I have been looking forward to this appointment for weeks; to see my healing progression and to see if I could hear at all. I have been quite deaf since November 8th.

The doctor removed the rest of that antibiotics ear packing that was left behind, and said things were progressing. Though there are still two healing spots in the inner ear that need some more time to heal. She recommended that I start a round with a new antibiotic/steroid drops- for two weeks, and three weeks more of keeping my ear completely dry. Which, showering, has been quite the experience.

I had to buy ear covers, guys. Ear. Covers. They actually make plastic ear shower caps, which are a great invention, don’t get me wrong, but mine NEVER seem to stay in place, so water gets in. I learned to place a Vaseline coated cotton ball in my ear first then cover up before jumping into the water.

😂. And.. I had to buy a pack of 100 of them, so if anyone wants to buy some ear cozies in three weeks, hmu.

After following these instructions for three weeks, I get to live normally. Not just showering but everything! Then in five weeks, I am scheduled to have a hearing test in her office. I am nervous and excited about this appointment.

But here’s the best part that I wanted to share, and what is giving me hope.. because I was fearful that I’d lose my hearing from this surgery, you know. That fear of what if I am in the 4% of patients who comes out of this surgery deaf or loses taste, or anything. But yesterday, immediately after she removed that packing, I could hear way clearer than I thought!! Not fully functioning here, but it sounds less like I am under water than before. That’s the best way for me to describe the loss sensation, muffled under water.

So, that’s my latest update.

Thank you so much for reading along today, guys! I always appreciate the support. I will loop back on this topic after my hearing test appointment in January. So stay tuned!

till my next post! xoxo

4 thoughts on “Post-Op check-in tw-o

  1. So glad you are healing (and hearing a bit). Soon the clouds will part and you’ll hear angels singing “hallelujah!

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