A Whale of a Time

🙃 Remember singing the Whalom Park commercial tagline as a kid? No, just me? Great. (It’s a former Massachusetts theme park which relates to my blog title.)

Hey Everyone!

After taking a healthy break from embroidery on June 30, I started back on tackling it this Monday. After receiving that insane amount of free embroidery floss last week, my creativity fire was lit. But what to make?… 🤔 what to make?

A whale!

The thought came to me after I watched some videos of humpback whales breaching the surface of the ocean near sightseeing and whale watching boats. The whales would zoom out of the water, showing off their immense and formidable size. The whales knew just how to line up closely to the boats, and spin themselves enough to cause a major splash and rock the boat like it is a child’s toy. But not hitting the boats or hurting anyone. Pure beauty.

Mind you, I would be freaking the heck out if I was on any of those boats. 😆

This embroidery took me about three hours total, and I tried hard to keep my hand steady to make his body pop off the material. He was fun to make and I love all the blue colors, there’s six in total. Hope you like it, too!

Ok, well, that’s my latest update on picking embroidery back up. I may inundate you with the story feature next week. We are going to Maine and it might be the best way for me to end a day by catching you up. We shall see. 😃

Ok so, I hope you guys have a great weekend and week ahead. I am rooting for less rain and more fun in the sun! Thank you for catching up. I always appreciate the support, guys.

Till next time! xoxo

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