More embroidery and a cat window seat

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!!

So in my last post, I talked about all the things I want to do this year …from learning embroidery to building stuff. Doing things that will help me grow as a person. I am happy to say that last night I finished my second embroidery project and that today I decided to add another item to my resolutions list…which I just crossed off!

I am telling ya, I am feeling determined!

My second embroidery project- I am learning so much!

So there’s my embroidery project. It isn’t the best but for my second project I am pretty happy.

This was done over eleven days, about 2-3 hours at a sitting. Yes…It took a lot of work. Sooooo much anxiety to start it too, but I just jumped in. You can totally tell how my skills have gotten a tad better throughout the days. Here are a few of the stitches I learned… outline stitch, long and short stitch and more French knots. It tested my patience to my core. Haha. The wonky fat branch on the bottom was the first thing I embroidered on there. Then the flowers. Leaves and then birds. You can really see the progression of understanding the stitches.

It is incredible how much time it takes to make things like this. Next embroidery project is up in the air. I was thinking to grab scrap material to learn specific things that use different stitches. Like a whole hoop of different leaves or flowers, or, just all different stitches randomly around. Just to learn as much as I can. Then I’d like to make a few sceneries, a few signs for the house and definitely a black cat. For Jack :).

Speaking of Jack!

We just had our two month adoptiversary w Jack. What a love bug from the second he came home. We have fast become kismet friends, inseparable day and night and I wouldn’t want it any other way. And right now, he is sitting next to me just staring.

How handsome is this boy? I wuv him so much.

Soooo what I am getting to here is I added to my resolutions list and made a soft window seat for my big boy Jack (my cat).

I have wanted to make an extended sill for some time (when my other fur baby was alive-he passed away two years ago) but I always just let it slide. The sill was thin, too thin for my cat to laze around staring at birds. So. Today, my husband handed me a piece of wood and I got to work during lunch break.

Thankfully, I had batting and some left over printed material from my 2019 kitchen valance project. And pulled together this…

What do you think?

I will try to get a pic of Jack in it for my next post.

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