2019- End of Year Fun!


Hello WordPressland,

Hope you all had a peaceful Christmas and Hanukkah, AND, a fabulous start to 2020! 🙂

This will be a quick post, I promise.

Here we are, at the beginning of another era, whichever way you think of starting a decade… year 0 or year 1, this beginning is special!  We are never going to see the teens again, and that is quite weird to think about isn’t it?  Also, if you are a late 70’s baby, like myself, born in 1976, we have lived in six decades, but yet still not fifty years old!  Just a fun thing to think about.

So, as you suspect by the title of this post, here I am with a few dozen pictures of our fun times from this December.  My family is always on the go, which I love, but it makes it hectic during the holidays with all the festivities and all the birthdays that come with this time of year. Though it was a blur of hosting a lot of get togethers, going out with friends and family, we did end up enjoying the peace that comes with the rush of Christmas hahah.

Here’s my December snapshot…



This year was a stellar year, and we hope you have a healthy year ahead with lots of good memories! If you have made resolutions, realistic ones!, we hope that you are able to stick with them beyond this week, too  haha.

And remember:

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Happy New Year to you!