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Just Saying Hi…. Hi!

Hey Everyone!

Look at my page, it’s snowing!

Hope you guys are doing great.  So much has happened in between my sporadic posts here, and a lot of it in the body transformation department.

You guessed it, this is what I am going to blog about tonight.

First, let me start by saying how amazing it feels to be getting stronger and how much I look forward to challenging myself each week.  I am still going to the gym like a nut.  Actually may be considered a gym rat now..?

Since the start of Fall, I have adjusted my frequency at the gym.  I went from going a hard 5 days in a row to 4-5 days.. I say 4-5 days because I give myself an extra rest day as needed or do floor exercises at home.  My gym intervals have changed, too. I have surprised myself with this one, because I have gone from 1 hour every gym visit up to 1.5-2 hours twice a week.  Crazy right?  But the time flies!  

I wish I could muster up the confidence to share my personal transformation photos I take every month, because the changes are so visible. Especially from July to now.  In person, I see the changes; a lot has morphed (my tummy feels tighter, my waist is shrinking and my lower belly has lost a few unsightly bumps ..YES!!), but on camera…wow.  I can really see the changes side by side.  I have been taking full body photos since I a type of gauge. I am so happy I do this.  It’s a great motivator.

The funny thing to me in all this is the difference, because I am three lbs heavier!  I did lose some of the weight I initially gained lifting, and right now there are three lbs to lose to bring me back to my starting weight.  I can’t complain a bit about the weight gain anymore, because the changes in my body, with how my clothes fit, is all I care about now.  The feeling of being strong really is a great confidence booster.  (not quite enough to share my body update pics! hah Though my husband and 1 friend have seen them, even the NSFW ones-eek-, and have made me feel so good with their compliments. <— great motivators!!)

Not sure if you can feel the energy from this post, but there really is a change in this girl.  I love it so much!!!

There’s my latest update! And, since I feel like I haven’t updated you on much, I am taking this small chunk of time to post a slide show of all the fun stuff that has happened.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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