Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Everyone!

It’s Thanksgiving already!  Woohooo!  Get y’er big pants ready to eat like it’s y’er job!  ðŸ˜›

It is a great time to talk about what I am thankful for…I am always thankful to God for my health, our family, our friends, food on our table, being able to work and provide for our family, the ability to laugh, and always keeping a positive eye in life.  Also, for espresso and wine. :))))

I am, however, most thankful for my family…

*My husband for being the man I can love without boundaries, for being the person I know he is, and always being there for me and our family.  He is my best friend, and I cannot imagine a day without him by my side. For how he makes me laugh at nothing.  For how he takes me on adventures everyday, and how he really loves me with all his being; and I am so thankful for his honesty, trust and love.  

Me and husband Xmas

*My oldest daughter for not only being the light to my day, but for being absolutely what I need in my life; joyful, thoughtful and caring.  She always reminds me, without asking or fishing for it, that I am a great person, and that she appreciates all the things I do for her and the family.  This makes me feel so good, and proud. She exudes love and always puts her family as first priority..and she is only ten.

*My youngest daughter for being exactly what I wished I was as a young girl; confident, funny and honest (maybe too honest lol).  She is so caring and giving, and has a way to make me feel loved just by looking at me. And she gives the best hugs. She always makes me feel proud when I hear her say that she loves herself as she is, and what mother doesn’t want to hear that?  She is a great friend, and an awesome cousin to my nieces and nephews.

So. This Thanksgiving, I hope you are sharing what you are thankful for and that you all hug your loved ones a little tighter…and have a wonderful time with your families and friends!  


**on a private note. This week has been a rough one, I wanted to mention that my husband’s uncle passed away, and though my husband is a silent rock, I know how hard it hurts him.  My husband is not a highly emotional person, except when it comes to family.  His Uncle was not only the only uncle on his mom’s side, and his mom’s only sibling, but the only uncle he had living in this state that he grew up with and I know this is not going to be easy.  The services are after Thanksgiving, and I know that my husband will become a mess.  ðŸ˜¦   I feel so sorry, and words cannot express the loss of someone you have grown to love as your own family. 

RIP Uncle Arthur, you were a gentleman and gentle man.



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