Gym Update

Hey Everyone!
Hope you guys have been enjoying this gorgeous warm Boston weather this week! Ohh so nice! This is exactly my type of weather.
And. This great weather should hold up over the weekend, which is great news as my good friend’s wedding is tomorrow! Last minute, it was decided that a large group of us friends attending the wedding will be shacking up at our friend’s family beach house afterwards…uhm can I get an AMEN?! 88 degrees on the beach all day for the wedding then again at night! My husband and I haven’t had an adult getaway in a while, so I am super stoked about this with all our great friends.
So, I have been going strong at the gym! Still enjoying the workouts and now meeting new people, which is a bonus. I started making a gym friend this week, another regular I see there on the first few days of my week, and so far so good. He seems super normal with the same weight loss past as me, and he seems to like to talk gym talk with me back. (normal is a big feature, am I right? lol) And I hope to keep making nice friends that I see on the regular like him.
It’s a lot of fun. I finished off a four-day in a row streak this week, and I am feeling a lot of burn in new places this time. My lower abs especially…ouch. It is a different experience every day for me, in a great way, with all the new things I am willing (and eager) to try to learn. Even with the strength training and cardio I have already been doing like a champ, I approach it differently changing up strides or inclines or tension or weights. I feel results and see them, which is a driving motivator..more so the feeling.
Man, I love feeling so strong! I do not like the small callous I have developing on my left hand but I do love feeling my body move in a more meaningful way than I have ever felt before. So I will take the callous.
Well, it’s dinnertime and I gotta fly! Tomorrow is the big wedding, so hopefully I can post to you on that by Sunday night. I so cannot wait to see everyone and..well, to wear my new beautiful dress! Gah it’s so pretty! lol
Have a great weekend and hope you are feeling great, too!!

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