Where’s Valeria?

Hey Everyone!

My My MYYYYYY!!!! I have been in the worst rut of my life, actually, since 2015 has begun!


The night of my Easter post, I fell ill AGAIN, but this time with a stomach bug.  An insane stomach bug that felt like hot daggers were scraping me from the inside… and the pain has just stopped this weekend.  As soon as I was feeling slightly better, my husband got ill!; with what I still think is strep throat, but he denies the symptoms I clearly saw lol…and then as he was in the thick of that, our oldest daughter got strep throat and a quirky skin infection on her hand! BAHHH!!

I have been in a swill of illness and misery for much too long!

Has anyone else been relapsing into illness like us?  Once one of us is feeling better, another pops up sick, then that original person gets ill again!   Then it doesn’t pass by quickly, every illness is lingering for days or even weeks!  My strep episode just got better the day before Easter, so to fall ill again Easter night at midnight sucked. So terrible.

Everyone here is on antibiotics or some type of med, and even allergy meds!  lol I just hope it is out of our systems for vacation next week!

YES!  VACATION!  I am so super duper, uber, flipping out, psyched to have time off finally this year! No thinking about anything but having fun and relaxing..and pigging out!  haha But before I go anywhere I wanted to update you all, also, on my fitness part of my life.

This week I started taking a multivitamin, felt like I needed it to ramp up my energy;with higher B12 and iron.  Also, I have been trying my best between bouts of sickness to hit up the gym.  I still am pumped up about going and feel real great with what I have been doing.  This gym has been a big surprise to me, that I am not tired of going yet.  I am starting to see major changes in my body, again.  My weight is the same, but I see that my face looks slimmer and glowing, my arms are starting to show some definition and my waist remembers where it was.. and is beginning to get defined …which I FLIPPING MISSED SO MUCH!  I love my body when it feels feminine, strong and just overall good…and when my clothes feel good on it!

If I can keep up this awesome mental motivation then maybe 2015 will turn around for me!? lol  Like I mentioned vacation is next week, so my plan is to use workout rooms wherever we go and to bring my resistance bands for in room workouts with my girls.  We are planning on some hikes and a lot of walking on this trip, so that should help me keep motivated.  I do want to have a great time not focused on working out, but don’t want to screw up the work I’ve done so far.

On the trainer front, I am so confused with that, but it’s cause the guy is just too busy to even talk to, so I am not sure if we’ll pick up when he is free or if I should just say screw it and keep up my work on my own.  For now I am not holding my breath and moving forward with my plan, which was to get back on track at the gym and getting myself used to having time for myself.  This is happening so .. guess that’s all I can ask for.

So, that’s all I have for an update…hopefully the sickness is out of our systems!!   I will circle back after school vacation is over and hopefully with some kickass vacation things to update you on!  🙂

I leave you with some words of wisdom…WASH YOUR HANDS!!  Often and for a long time!  I feel like a broken record this season saying that all day, but I am not sure who isn’t listening!!! lol

Take care!!


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