Our 1st Family Red Sox Game

They are the cutest aren’t they!? They will be 7 yr and 9 yr old next month. I can’t believe it either!!

Hey Everyone!
I have a small window of time right now to share our first family game at Fenway Park last night. Our two daughters very first Red Sox game!

(my husband is the king of photo bombing.. I am not impressed either!)

What a fun experience to see the Red Sox, Fenway Park and Yawkey Way through two little girls’ eyes. The sights, the sounds, the fans, the snacks, the ice cream, the yelling, the action on the field and all the laughter with strangers at your seats. They had an absolute blast and we were truly impressed with how well they did!  They cheered on our favorite players, and tried to keep track of the game’s stats.

We stayed till the 8th inning, where we were leading 3-0, but by the time we got home the Sox had lost by two runs.  What a game! The girls thought it was all so magical, meeting all of Daddy’s Yawkey Way/Fenway Park friends (he works for Fenway during home games), and they can’t wait to go back again to cheer on their favorite home team!

All in all, a fantastic night with my family and I also look forward to going back to see one of my favorite landmarks in Boston!  I love Boston!


Oh, one more thing!  I was about my oldest daughters’ age when I first went to Fenway with my family..it was the Sox vs the Orioles.. and about 20 yrs later come to find out that my husband was AT THAT SAME VERY GAME FOR HIS FIRST!! How about that for coincidence!?

Ok, well I gotta get a move on for tonight we have a wedding! Yay I love weddings!!


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