10 Day You Challenge- 5 Foods

Challenge #6 of the 10 Day You Challenge
Here are my five foods that I cannot live without!

Ahh a great topic! What I love to eat! 😛


My 5 Foods…

1. Potatoes, but of course!
I honestly can’t go a few days without eating a side of some type of potato.
Fried. Steamed.  Sliced.  Baked. Cubed.  Broiled…  and even my least favorite way to make a potato..mashed.


My name is Valeria.. and I am addicted to eating potatoes. And I have no problem with that.  🙂


2. White Atlantic Ocean Fish– like Cod, Haddock, Sole, etc
New England has THE BEST seafood around, and the best white fish off the coasts hands down.  And I’ve been all over this globe eating and have yet to find anything even close!   Broiled or grilled with a little S&P and olive oil ..yum.. side it fries and yeah I am a happy girl!

Cod filet



3. Broccoli
I LOVE BROCCOLI. Broccolini, too.  I crave broccoli as much as I do potatoes. I cook it all the time and my family enjoys it, too! My oldest loves to eat it raw.

One of my favorite pasta dishes is with broccoli, and I love it simply steamed with a few drops of evoo and lemon.

It’s shaped like a tiny tree, and who doesn’t love trees?
It’s uber healthy for you..so that is just awesome. Tasty and healthy.. yum!


4. Spinach
As a young girl I was obsessed with eating spinach just like Popeye.. well, not from a can.  My mom would cook it and I would devour it in seconds cause not only did it taste amazing, but I wanted to be strong like Popeye!  Not helpless like Olive Oil!


And still now, at my ripe age, I eat spinach and think of the theme song to the cartoon.  Ok not really, but I do still eat spinach cause it’s so fracking delicious!


5. Pasta
I am Italian so of course I am obsessive about pasta and the quality of it.. DE CECCO PASTA ALL THE WAY, but Barilla is fine, too!!

Now, I know I said potatoes are my favorite food of all time.. and they are, but a very very close second is pasta.  It is the most versatile food on this planet.  I mean,  it has been created in so many different shapes for a reason.. for all the type of sauces and fillings you can make for it.


Now that is a lot of variety right there!


Now I am hungry!


Till next Tuesday!


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