10 Day You Challenge- 8 Fears

Challenge #3 of the 10 Day You Challenge


My 8 Fears

In no particular order…

    1. Death– Sort of an obvious one..cause who doesn’t fear death, right?  It’s the ultimate end to everything. I am extremely afraid of my own death, and the death of my loved ones, especially if it were by accident or something out of the blue where I wasn’t prepared..egad, the thought just makes me freak out.
    2. Illness– Another pretty self-explanatory one.   I do fear my loved ones or myself becoming ill with something that is life changing or incurable. I can’t even think about this.
    3. Disappointing others..and myself-  I think this might be a trait of the youngest sibling or something.  I have always had an issue with being a type of perfectionist.  Am I perfect? By gosh, no, not even close, but I have this standard set for myself that I fear if I go below I am just not going to be good enough and disappoint people.. and disappointing my family or friends would just crush me.
    4. Scary Movies–  I blame Freddy Krueger for this fear!  After watching Nightmare on Elm Street, as a young girl, I have been incapable of watching a scary movie like a rational person.  Not a single scary movie!!
    5. I fear the … Porta Potty.  Egad gross!  They never bothered me much until learning the story of that guy, from a handful of years ago, who was found INSIDE a porta potty peeping for days.  I think he was found in Oklahoma or somewhere.  HE WAS STANDING IN THE FILTH TANK WATCHING PEOPLE ABOVE! UGH!! Why?! …So, needless to say, I fear a strange touch or a creep from there.  I just talked about this over the weekend because at the beach we frequent they have two set up, and I know this is an irrational fear, but you know what? All I could think of was a person in the tank!  Holding it till I get home!
    6. Pre-Cooked Chicken – Like rotisserie chicken from Market Basket, StopnShop, Wholefoods…I do not care where! Chicken that has been sitting in a tiny, snug plastic container under heat lamps for hours waiting for someone to grab it for home. As a child, like age 8!, I started referring to this type of chicken as ‘cancer chicken’.  Don’t know why I call it this still, but.. I would rather stick a hot poker in my eye than eat chicken that has been sitting around or wasn’t cooked minutes before eating it.
    7. My weight– I have finally come to a place where I am happy with my body. Well, with clothes on! But the back-slide, gaining back any of the 60+ lbs I’ve lost over these four years, would be the scariest thing. I fear turning back into that unhappy chubby girl I used to be a lot.
    8. Steep roller coasters- I am not afraid of heights or fast rides, not at all, but put them together and #NOTHANKS!


They ARE getting harder each week!  Yikes, fears was a tough one!

Till next Tuesday, guys!


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