Forgive me WordPress, for it has been 8 days since my last post.

This title is brought to you by the fact I haven’t been on WordPress in a bit; and, ALSO, that my daughter’s first reconciliation is tomorrow.  Her first sacrament toward Communion this year.

After her last religious education class, she was left with a lot of questions and concerns.  They prepped them for their big day.  She shared that she was real worried about talking to the priest. Well, not the man, but about the sins. I offered her a lot of advice; reassuring her that the priest isn’t there to judge, no matter how big or small the sin may be. We did a little play-by-play, with me as the priest (stop laughing!), to help her run down what she wanted to talk about, and also, to see why she was so worried (like, what has she done?!?!). The only ‘sin’ that she shared, and is a good one- phew!, is the constant hitting and arguing with her little sister. I mean, she is 8yrs old, what else is there, right?

But I was proud to hear her tell me that she felt bad over it. Discussing this sacrament with her, how this helps us become better people and able to forgive others, etc.., was perhaps, my first real adult conversation with her.

I, frankly, am tired of their fighting, and wished it would just stop.  Man, who knew girls fought this much at this age?  NOT ME! I grew up with two sisters 5yrs older than me, and never argued with them till it was about clothes.  Seriously.

–Ok, why haven’t I been on WordPress lately?  No reason really.  I haven’t a thing going on, other than my daughter’s thing, and the usual holiday get-togethers that ended Monday night.  Right now, though, I am sitting at my kitchen table, which is still in my living room, staring at my Christmas tree which has no ornaments on it, but still is up with lights around it. Why is my tree still here if I took down all my holiday decorations yesterday, you ask? Well, there is a nice explanation. There is a ginormous refrigerator 3 feet in front of it! Has been since the day after Christmas. OYE!  And is a major deterrent in my everything.  I have allowed this fridge to be a literal metaphor in my life right.  I am getting real frustrated with my living situation, or, lack there of, really.

I am fridgeblocked.

Thankfully, the crew showed up and told me that the fridge should be moving to the kitchen today. After almost a week of not being here!  It seems like the second I tell someone how amazing they are, something screws up or they don’t show up!  The plumber was here last weekend and that was it for the rest of them.  The space hasn’t been touched.  Their boss went on a family vacation to South America the day before New Year’s, and, well, the crew slowed down dramatically to a halt; maybe to start another job or just cause he wasn’t here. I think he is due back today or tomorrow, he was supposed to be gone for two weeks…which might explain why they’re here now. Idk.  Regardless, we are so close to being done with this project, that I am dying inside with anticipation!  Three days ago, my husband and I freaked and breached the plastic liner to use the sink and dishwasher on the other side. I just couldn’t take another day of collecting dirty dishes to wash at my Mom’s, or rinsing things out in my bathroom sink. Blech, I hate that beyond words..which is why I rarely did it!

It’s just all getting to me cause there is sort of no privacy.  OK, there has been that big plastic barrier between us, which now is half up after we breached it!, but they are still here!!! I know they’re here for a project..but it’s been too long!  As it stands, the kitchen is about 85% done, and the bathroom, too. Everything looks so great, and I cannot wait to v-log it all for my family, and of course, you guys! That has been a fun part of this project for me. I have been side vlogging for my family whenever we get together of all the updates and silly things. My Mom seems to like it. hehe She is…my biggest fan. Second to my oldest daughter, who I had to unfortunately make stop reading my blog once I started talking about Disney. She was crushed, but she can swing back into reading it soon enough..just not till the posts are buried for a while.

YES! DISNEY! I have that going on!

We have been counting down the days, and I cannot wait!  I am literally busting at the seams thinking about it! LITERALLY!

I woke up today with the biggest desire for a vacation! I opened my eyes, saw all the snow falling, which was pretty, but am just so tired of.  I  need a big break away from reality.  New England has had the coldest Winter, lately. As I know, the rest of the country has, too, but screw them! They’re due!  I am going insane here with this snow, days on end of bitter cold (ugh anything below 25 degrees is just torture!), and everyone complaining about it is the worst. Which I have tried to refrain from till today. Sorry!  But, add in my living in a crammed space issue…I am freaking out.  Our trip cannot get here any sooner.

Ok, I feel better after ranting about this place.  Man, I cannot wait for things to just be back to normal.  To the days I could wake up on my work from home days in my PJs, hair a mess, and scratching myself all over.  hahah

Love to you all!


This is how the plastic sheathing looks right now ay 1:40PM. Soooo close, but not at all! 😕

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