Saying Goodbye to 2013!

✯✫✩☆ Happy New Year! ☆✩✫✯

Feels like 2013 flew, doesn’t it? We celebrated anniversaries, birthdays, births, the passing of loved ones, graduations, sacraments, holidays, first days of schools, family trips, renovations, long distance friends, and even the mundane!  I am sad to see 2013 go, but I am so looking forward to a new year, with a fresh feel of starting anew.

To share all the fun of this year, I am photo-recapping 2013.


Our first trip to the Cape in April!  TOO CHILLY for this bird! lol
Our first April vacation trip to the Cape! TOO CHILLY for this bird! lol
The girls' recital!
The girls’ recital!
My oldest's first school concert!  So sweet!
My oldest’s first school concert. So super sweet.
My new nephew! I'm a proud Zia!  What a sweet boy!
My new nephew! I’m a proud Zia! What a sweet boy!
The girls and I waiting for our Tisbury Twix ice cream!  :)  Best ice cream!
Being tan for the first time in years!
All the best beach days!
All the best beach days!
The girls together dressed in their outfits for their Birthday Bash!
The girls together dressed in their outfits for their Birthday Bash!
An addition to our family we never realized would happen.
An addition to our family we never realized would happen.

Saying goodbye to our old kitchen!

Saying Goodbye to our kitchen! And ugly bathroom!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Being at a lifetime of a game of the World Series!



20131213-145018.jpg20131213-145147.jpg 20131213-144240.jpg 20131213-141927.jpg our grand fortOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20131213-141428.jpg20131213-141836.jpg20140101-093920.jpg20131231-112138.jpg20131231-111856.jpg20140101-093933.jpg20131231-085445.jpg


20131213-141202.jpg20131213-141344.jpg 20131213-141650.jpg 20131213-142127.jpg 20131213-143001.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20131213-143527.jpg20131213-143641.jpg20131213-143703.jpgI'm the luckiest Mom, this was Mother's Day.20131213-143349.jpg20131213-143325.jpg20131213-144634.jpg20131213-144410.jpgHanging out before The Airborne Toxic Event show20131213-144816.jpgP1060617P1060627P1060616The girls with their cousins!My youngest enamored. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All the misspelled coffees from Starbucks!

All the misspelled coffees!20140101-100103.jpg20131213-143600.jpg20140101-100058.jpg20140101-100109.jpg

Just the best memories…

20131213-141024.jpg20131213-141221.jpg20131213-141125.jpg20131213-141244.jpgICE CREAM!20131213-141500.jpg20131213-141739.jpg20131213-141707.jpg20131213-142000.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20131213-142354.jpgP1060516P106048220131213-142023.jpgP106052520131213-142525.jpg20131213-142218.jpg20131213-142934.jpgbest friends20131213-143051.jpg20131213-143122.jpg20131213-143205.jpg20131213-143714.jpg20131213-143729.jpg20131213-143740.jpg20131213-144027.jpg20131213-144113.jpg20131215-005013.jpg20131215-005025.jpg20131216-152342.jpg20131216-152352.jpg20131216-152358.jpg20131215-005032.jpgP1060614P1060621P1060622P106062620131230-210305.jpg20131230-210315.jpg20131230-210322.jpgP106027520131231-085314.jpg20131231-085326.jpg20131231-085353.jpg20131231-085414.jpg20131231-085428.jpg20131231-085506.jpgOur Annual Easter Egg Hunt!  Ready to hunt some eggsEveryone rubbing the baby belly20131231-085541.jpg

20131231-111443.jpg20131231-111507.jpg20131231-111529.jpg20131231-111555.jpg20131231-111628.jpg20131231-111654.jpg20131231-111724.jpg20131231-111832.jpg20131231-112119.jpg20131231-112152.jpgWaiting on Nick OffermanMaking my Sister's Boy themed Diaper Cake with our Mom. :)Making my Sister a Diaper Wreath  :))))20140101-093644.jpg20140101-093652.jpg20140101-093705.jpg20140101-093805.jpg20140101-094114.jpg20140101-094228.jpg20140101-094317.jpg20140101-094358.jpg20140101-094506.jpg20140101-100041.jpg20140101-100046.jpg20140101-100052.jpg20140101-100114.jpg

I still cannot believe we are standing at the edge of a new year!  2014.

So much to look forward to!  So much to plan! And hopefully a stellar year! (14 is my lucky number afterall!)




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