Weighing In! #17

Hey Everyone!

Ok, I am not going to beat around the bush with my post here.. I am so upset with myself, to a point.

As you have read, I challenged myself to a mini goal of losing 5lbs by October 1.

T’is October 2.

And, I hate admitting this..but I #weightlossfailed.  (Ugh this hurts to admit!)  I couldn’t for the life of me keep my head in the game to lose all the weight.  I am still down the lb I had lost. But, I didn’t lose the four remaining lbs.. but hey I lost one and kept it off..that has to account for something right???  Please?  haha

I am the only one to blame, obv, and that is what is bumming me out the most.  I just got caught up in all the stress in my life that I let it run my life and neglected my goal. I just couldn’t keep myself motivated or cared to keep motivated.  Maybe it wasn’t enough time for me to get into the groove again?  I know, I am making excuses. 😦

Ugh, what do I do?

I want to make another goal, but I am nervous cause of this failure.  Maybe once we are rolling with some of these stresses I can have a clear mind to think about a new goal?  I really really want to lose the 4lbs from this last goal. I really want to see that number on my scale. And I really want to keep losing weight cause I feel so amazing.  (I think I need my motivators, where are you!?  lol)

Well. The contractor for the house renovations should be here tomorrow late afternoon to discuss some more things, grab our deposit and then will go to request a permit with the city.  Maybe by next week they will officially start working on the house..and maybe by then I will feel better?  God I hope so!!  With them not starting on this project yet it feels like I’ve been holding my breath under water.

Well, I know this isn’t the post I wanted to put out there, but it’s the reality.  I sucked at losing weight this go around. The next weigh in! will definitely be a challenge for me to take on.  So keep an eye out for it!

Love you all and wish me luck!

Thank you for reading!!


2 thoughts on “Weighing In! #17

  1. Aww! You are being SO hard on yourself chica!! You have so much going on right now, so please keep your focus on the fact that you have done tremendous work getting to where you are! And yes, that lb you lost DOES matter! Don’t be afraid to fail, because you might – or you might not. Either way I am so proud of you for keeping at it. I am hard on myself too, so this is advice for myself as well 😉 Maybe while the house stuff is going on, give yourself a break and not set a specific goal of losing, maybe just maintaining? Hugs and love!!

    1. awwwww thank you for that! U always know what to say, and really hit it on the nail! I love u chica! I think i just had great momentum this summer, that this slow down is a downer. I need to realize how much has been done so far!! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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