Weighing in! #8

OK, finally have good weight loss news!!

I lost 2lbs this week! Which makes a total of 12.5lbs lost AND it is my goal weight from 2010. WHICH MEANS I have officially lost 60lbs! Yesssss!  Well, I have actually lost more than this cause of the small gains since that I lost, BUT I am at the weight I put as a goal in front of me three years ago and was 3lbs shy of achieving.

Wow!! I am so happy; just to see the two lbs this week, then to realize this was my magic number I have wanted to see on the scale for so long. Yes!!

I have noticed my food portions that satisfy me are way smaller than they have ever been, and I have not had snacks much through the day. Just regular whole meals, and my trusty coffee. And sangria. :). I did ramp up my cardio Monday, and didn’t weight train this week. Will next Monday and that whole week for sure.

So you know what this means now, right? That whatever I lose from here on is going to please me no matter what! No, but yes. But really, that I am going to take this number and push for 10 more. I set a goal for myself this year to get to this place, then to lose another 10lbs. I am going to stick to this. I really really want to see my scale with THAT number again! I don’t want a timeframe goal, cause I want to change on my own terms, and in a secure way. I think that’s what has been guiding me all along. Doing what I feel is right, and finding that I am happy in myself at those moments.

There is definitely no going back!! Yea!!

Now, if I can make this feeling last longer.. I would be set. 😉


2 thoughts on “Weighing in! #8

  1. A W E S O M E ! ! !
    You should be VERY proud of yourself!
    So happy for your success AND the way you’ve achieved it!
    Way to go!!!

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