Happy Valentine’s Day!


With my children.
There is nothing better than celebrating this day with your little ones is there?  Seeing their smiles. Joining in on their valentines count.  Asking about all the cute boys or girls that gave those special ones.  Making special treats.  Just all the fun stuff.

This morning we woke up to two quiet little girls.  Started the day off right!  We got woken up with their valentines.  My oldest daughter drew so many cards for me it was overwhelming. She is such a sweet girl. We surprised them back with their goody bags. No holiday is complete without a present from me first thing in the morning. I’m a gift-a-holic.  This year though, I kept it as practical as I could, because I usually go overboard spending a ton of money then end up throwing the stuff out or they’d break everything in two minutes. So, my goal was to keep it under $5. I know, for me that is a huge challenge. But I did it! For $4 a bag they got love themed socks-what little girl doesn’t need those? Their favorite Disney Princess themed pez dispenser with 6 packs of pez -very practical! Dove milk chocolates shaped like hearts-a Valentine’s Day must and yummy! Then 5 wooden valentine themed coloring crafts. And a glittery card each from mommy and daddy-of course.

Then soon after their treats, we got ready for school. My youngest and I kicked off the love celebration at her preK Valentine’s Day party. She normally doesn’t attend class on Thursdays; it seems like they always have their holiday parties on the days she doesn’t attend. Not wanting her to miss out on another thing I got the PreK Director’s green light to take her! She’s been dying to give the kids their valentines for a week what else could I do?  She was thrilled to participate. She was showing me off to her friends, which was sweet.  The kids loved having a new grown up in the classroom; especially one with blue hair.  I was tasked heading up the bead bracelet craft, which was right up my alley. It was fun.  A lot of interesting bracelets. There was a little boy sitting at my table that reminded me of Sheldon Cooper, from the Big Bang Theory.  Just seemed the studious type.  He was so excited to share with me the real meaning of Valentine’s Day..and you know what? HE WAS RIGHT. His grandpa bought him a book about how this holiday was created; based on marriage.  I was blown away that he understood it. And that he was able to articulate it so well.  Such a smarty.  Before finishing up the bracelets, out of no where, one little red headed boy ran up to me for a hug then he spoke softly to me, ‘happy valentine’s day, Mrs. Val’. What a sweetheart, really!

We spent a good two hours with her classmates playing with beads, eating cupcakes and strawberries, drawing and reading a few books. It was great to be part of the class setting cause I never get a chance to see them all interact.

All the Valentine bags at school
All the Valentine bags at school
came out burry, but its the cupcakes and strawberries
came out blurry, but it’s the cupcakes and strawberries
my youngest in her classroom
my youngest in her classroom
all proud of her outfit.
all proud of her outfit.
My table.  The beads and gimp!
My table. The beads and gimp!
Making her bracelet with friends.
Making her bracelet with friends.

My oldest daughter had her first grade’s Valentine’s Day party in the early afternoon, but I wasn’t able to attend that with my youngest. We did request for a flower to be sent to her in class. It’s a fundraiser for the fifth grade. A dollar a carnation and you can send it to anyone from anyone.  A fifth grade child hand delivers the flower with a note as a surprise valentine. We had one sent from her to her teacher, too. She is a real nice woman, and our daughter adores her.  She came home all full of stories, four flowers and tons of valentines from all her besties. So sweet.

She got three valentine flowers!
She got four valentine flowers!
She was so excited to tell me about her day.
She was so excited to tell me about her day.



BUT best part of today… After school my husband made a surprise visit home.  Well, a surprise for the girls. We whisked the girls off to go tobogganing! Our first family snowy day out on the hills.  It was about 45 degrees out and sunny, so it made for a perfect afternoon in the snow.  I’m attaching some pictures.

Getting pulled up the hill
Getting pulled up the hill
In the line to get pulled up the hill
In the line to get pulled up the hill.  See I am looking forward to it.  So was she!
My husband with the two girls.  You know he is all New England cause there is no scarf!
My husband with the two girls. You know he is all New England cause there is no scarf!

Tonight we kept it low key as a family after our big afternoon.

My Valentine.
I do love celebrating Valentine’s Day with my children. But more so with my husband!

My husband surprised me this afternoon with a gorgeous bouquet of fuchsia roses, so beautiful.  Then when we got back from sledding he gave me a handmade card, a bottle of my favorite perfume, and a knit turquoise head wrap with peacock feathers and gemstones on the side. It is so gorgeous, and, cannot wait to wear it!  A few weeks ago he told me about plans for our night out, so this was all a surprise. And we have such a fun night planned!

Well, time to catch up on th DVR!

Hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day! xoxo

*Enjoy a funny Valentine’s Day themed comic from a site I love to laugh with from time to time. A Valentine’s cynic. Lover. Or whatever, you’ll find it funny.  http://theoatmeal.com/blog/valentines_day

*And a fun love song by The Black Keys I like so very much, Yearnin’. This band does everything right; their lyrics and sound are heartfelt.

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