It’s a Post About Nothing…sorta

Just an quick post!

I wanted to express how amazing you all have made me feel over the past couple of weeks about my January 27th post. All the comments and new followers, the FB posts and messages, and, the in person (and phone!) conversations about it. The out pouring of support has been incredible. Thank you for all the compliments and for reading. One thing I wanted to share about all this is that I actually felt real proud of it after hearing how you guys felt. I was not sure how it would be perceived until someone reached out to me to say it was inspirational and it’s made her think to make changes in her own life. Not in the same capacity, but that she had the thought to change the quality of her own life. Wow. Just makes me so happy she felt the need to share that with me and that she got my message. Thank you all a thousand times. It’s really appreciated and my heart is touched.

These past couple of weeks have been fun and busy. It hasn’t given me much opportunities to blog, though I drafted a few.  It’s been lots of sushi, making Valentines for the family with the girls, a big hangover from a work party, mini reunion with long-lost friends, building forts, Valentine’s cupcakes, my sister’s big baby news…Yes a nephew on his way! It’s just been lots of fun.

This week, I got the girls enrolled in Summer Camp! They are ecstatic to be together in the same program. And the best part is they will be with their two cousins, too! The whole clan together which is great. The girls are already plotting out the things they will be doing together. So cute.

Then last night I registered my baby girl for Kindergarten this Fall. Can you believe it? My little girl! She is growing up! Ugh, what conflicting feelings I have with this though. On one hand, I am happy she will become a kindergartener, going to the same school with her sister too. With my oldest I was more proud of her moving on than anything, I never felt sad, just happy.  It’s a right of passage for kids now, Kindergarten.  Which my baby deserves to feel too.  But, I can’t believe she will begin her school days already, she’s my baby!!  Though, with them both in the same school it means I will be able to get to work at a better time. And pick up will be a breeze again, like when they were together in the PreK program years ago. This also means that I am in a better place for my gym schedule. AND that I will have no children around when I work from home. Can I get a hallelujah? Conference calls from home will never be the same. But, then on my other very selfish hand, I will be losing my baby girl.  It’s a sad feeling that she will be on that road growing up like her sister. Whom, by the way, I feel like should still be 8 months old sitting in her high chair holding a baby spoon while rocking out to the White Stripes with me at 5AM. Instead, she’s 7 years old in jeans and sneakers watching all these tween Disney Channel shows.  Where has this time gone, really!?

Another update, and a pretty cool one.  As of today, I am certified in CPR/AED, finally! I learned CPR for adults and children, and, how to properly use an AED. It was a great class. It’s something I have wanted to learn for some time that when I saw the list of classes I jumped to sign up. It was all real informative, pertaining to cardiac arrest and strokes. I highly recommend a class!

Now back to watching the news about the upcoming snowstorm. They think we will get almost twenty inches of snow Friday!
Hope it’s pretty.

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