I’m alive

What an insane few days with this flu.
Yesterday was the worst of it with sleeping the entire day away. Tossed, turned, and was a complete sweaty mess. I hope this is over. Still feel horrible. The fever hasn’t ended yet, but way better than yesterday. The body and joint aches are the worst. Last night tried a new med, alka seltzer cough, cold and flu night, and seemed to be what I needed to rest easier.
Today I woke up feeling human again, sort of. Finally eating, a piece of toast, and finishing off a cup of alka seltzer daytime med. Tastes awful. The nighttime med was definitely tastier. We shall see how today goes with this.
I miss my children so much. I haven’t seen them for more than a handful of minutes since Monday. This morning when they came into my bedroom to check in on me, I couldn’t help but shed a tear. Especially when my youngest came to the door. She blew me a kiss and a hug. They looked so concerned. I remember when my mom was ill and what that was like. Can’t wait to give them hugs.
My husband too. He has been dealing with all the day to day activities with me like this. It’s a lot of work. I think getting the girls ready has been a challenge, more so doing their hair, but they looked good to me. Can’t go wrong with pigtails! What a good guy.

Ok, well back to resting.

2 thoughts on “I’m alive

  1. Hope you feel better soon. I missed a week of work last year. I was so week and dizzy I could barely care for myself. Daytime tv is pretty lame too. I hope Gordon is keeping you company. Cats can’t get human flu.

    1. Thank you, Cindy! It has been kicking my ass. Thank God my husband is the type of man he is cause he has been doing everything.
      daytime TV does stink.
      Gordon’s a funny cat. His breed isn’t so much a cuddling breed, but for me he tries. He is all over me, snuggles, and then jets off. Lol. He is feeling neglected I think.

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