Flu…is not for this bird

It’s 8:24PM on Thursday.

I have been in bed since Sunday night. What a crappy week this has been fighting this bug. The only spark of hope is that I actually am progressing back to health.

When I woke this morning, I was trying to psych myself up with feeling even better. This move usually works to get me going..but not today. I was trying to be SuperMom, but. As soon as my husband took the girls out of the house, I lost my motivation. Got weak. Dizzy. The pressure in my eyes got worse. Just felt like ass. And relapsed back to bed.

Fml really.
I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

I miss coffee.

My buddy, Gordon (my cat), has been keeping me company…still sleeping by my side.

Throughout this week of being in bed, I have learned that being sick like this is actually quite lonely. All day alone. Not that Gordon’s not a good sick pal, and not saying that those of you calling and messaging hasn’t made me feel good. But I just missed my family. Tangible. And though in my right mind I would never be around someone so sick with the flu, I don’t blame anyone for staying away. But, all I wanted all week was a hug. I stole one today from my youngest before she went out the door. I couldn’t help it. It was for both our benefits I feel.

My oldest daughter makes me so proud to be a mom, especially during my low times. She is just so thoughtful and caring. You know, we all think our child(ren) are the best, but my oldest actually is. I get emails from the first grade room mom telling me and my husband how wonderful a 7 yr old she is and how she is a caring friend to everyone. And it really is true. Every single moment she has had free this week she has made me a card or gift to cheer me up. Even on the ipad with her sis! She is always selfless. Love her so much.

So, here my positivity is kicking in just thinking about her. I cannot allow myself to be victim to this flu much longer…if psyching myself up again tomorrow doesn’t work. Well. I don’t know what to do!! I am leaving myself no other option, but to get well.

Cross your fingers.

I am going to bed?

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