The Flu. Sucks.

Today I spent it in bed.
Haven’t gotten out of this cotton pillow palace for much. I think I am making an indent in the mattress!
Sounds more fun than it is. Believe me.
I am a heated, sick, coughing mess.

Nyquil has lent me the rest I desperately needed from last night at 8:30pm. Got home from a birthday celebration only to pass out. And not from fun wine or cocktails either! Arg!! I felt wretched and just wanted to plant my face in my pillow. Which is what I did.

Though I am a ball of aches, and, my throat is a pain in the tuccus coughing anytime I breath in, I find myself sitting in this bed with a small smile. There are warm breezes passing by from the window above me. My window is open! I am in fleecy PJs and under covers, too. Cause if I put on anything less I feel cold, but meanwhile, in this furry set with blankets I sweat.. But would rather sweat than freeze.

Can you believe I slept through a 60 degree day? In January!! What a kick in the pants! When has Massachusetts seen 60 in January!?

I woke up this afternoon to the sun shining so bright and warm on my right arm and face. In a fog with this fever it felt like I was boiling with all that sun all over me and jumped up to get cooler. Awoke to my room so bright, green grass out the window, the trees swaying and the sounds of..nothing. No people, no cars, no kids. Blissful silence. I took some time to enjoy the views, and quickly bundled back into bed.

Right now a train is going by in the distance..tooting the horn. Loving smell of the outdoors in the breezes. The smell of the Earth, green, warm. and I am coughing like a nut job.

Feels like a Summer evening. Well, from this bed anyway. I miss Summer. A girl can dream!

If I could stop coughing it would be awesome. Here’s hoping tomorrow I feel better!!

Happy Monday :/

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