A Weekend of Elf, Santa and Being Sick.

This weekend was a pretty ok one for us.  Saturday worked out nicely, even with my husband working for most of it.  He has been MIA a lot lately, but it should be slowing down soon.  The girls and I had a little girls day in. Returning from the morning insanity of dance classes to finishing up some decorating loose ends, making a manicure set in a jar stocking stuffer (which I will be posting what I did right after this), and then snuggling on the couch with chocolate milk, popcorn and a movie! The movie of their choice…ELF.  Of course!  My kids take after me in their movie taste, and I love this movie.  Actually, I like Will Ferrell, a lot. He is one of my favorite comic actors to watch. Will, if I can call him that, is just a riot in this movie, and is so believable as Buddy.  It’s a great Christmas movie.  Then the day ended with the ever coveted sushi; which we got from a new to us local place.  The food was real beautiful and, thankfully, delicious! Also, they gave us a whole lotta wasabi and ginger!  Which I always complain I never get enough.  So, thank you.Sunday was half a success.  The sleep the night before was meh..tossed and turned, and had the worst sore throat throughout. And I just couldn’t have a sickness be a part of my day. We had a fun day lined up for the girls. So, I got up bright and early to get my oldest off to CCD with the Mr..  Where her return would be followed by, of course a skim latte delivered with a smile, then our yearly visit to see Santa at the Burlington Mall, lunch somewhere fun, a few errands, and then to see their cousin’s concert in the ‘orevening’ (he’s 8).

I love taking the girls to see Santa!

Santa with the girls talking about their lists.
Santa with the girls talking about their lists.

The line wasn’t terribly long; I waited in it while the girls took a walk with their daddy.   I felt that icky feeling of being sick coming, that sinus pressure with watery eyes, but kept shaking it off and smiling. After 35 minutes in the line smiling, my family returned and got in with me. I started to feel fine, thinking that I may be shaking it with my smiles. There were only 3 families ahead of us when they got into line.  The girls looked beautiful in their black/white laced dresses; cinched at the waist with a dark red taffeta sash. Their anticipation to see Santa was a joy to watch.  They were stunned and speechless at his sight.  Both girls went up to him all a smiles, with their specially drawn list shaking in their little hands, and giggling.  Just like Mommy.  Santa sweetened their giggling pot by speaking to each one about their list, and speaking to me, not to forget to put the lists under their tree so he gives them the right presents. Which my oldest thought was so cool. The girls got to take a few shots with the big man in red, and then we all jumped in for a cute family picture, too.  Then the girls were given a peppermint candy cane, special from Santa.  (the pics came out good too!)  Then it was lunchtime and the girls requested burgers.. so off to burgers we went covered in sticky candy cane.Good part of the day for any mom, right?  Well, as we were eating, I started to feel light-headed and the sick feeling I woke up with.  UGH. I really do not like being sick, an dI definitely don’t need it.  Not that anyone does, but it’s my biggest annoyance.  I changed the plans for the rest of the day, as I couldn’t bare to be chasing after the kids and doing anything else.  So, off to home we went. And I was so happy to see my snowman buddy at the front door greeting me. I made a beeline right for the bedroom.  I passed out cold right when I hit the pillow.    My husband is a real great guy; he knows if I am complaining about being sick I must be in “I Need a Nap Badly” mode, and left me to change and snuggle in bed while he took care of the girls.  I got awoken by the girls getting ready for their cousin’s session/fundraiser.  They went with my husband and had a great time.

All in all this weekend flew and was a nice one, aside from me getting this wretched sickness.  I forced myself out of bed this morning, took a long, hotter than hell shower and trekked into work.  Happily actually.  Though my voice sounds like Marge Simpson’s, my hair is under wraps of a hat, and I piled on so much makeup that I look like a mannequin.. I feel positive that this illness will be gone by tomorrow.Or at least I hope.

Here are some more pics of the decorating I got done.. last thing to do is the tree. Depending on how I feel after work, I will be stringing lights upon the tree and the exterior of the house.

The color scheme of our living room is neutral with turquoise. So this is my table centerpeice for the living room with pinecones I made with ornaments.
The color scheme of our living room is neutral -grey with pops of turquoise. So this is the table centerpeice for the living room; with pinecones I glittered and green and turquoise ornaments.
Our snowman outdoors.
Our front window!  It needs more work, but I was so happy I finished it with the lights for the kids.
Our front window! It didn’t photograph that well, but it came out real cute with the snowmen on the snow and twinkling lights.  Above there are the 2 snowmen the girls put up, window clings.
We don't have a mantle, but I create one every year in the window by the pellet stove.
We don’t have a mantle, but I create one every year in the living room window above the pellet stove.
Our new side table with a poinsettia and my fav family photo.
Our new side table with a poinsettia and my fav family photo.

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