Stocking Stuffer- Manicure Kit in a Jar

Stumbled upon this clever way to package a manicure set on pinterest a few weeks ago, and thought this would be a great pinterest craft to try and the perfect stocking stuffer (a rather large one) for my sister this Christmas!  Sorry, if you are reading this, but close your eyes now. 

Purchased a manicure kit for under $10. It consisted of a ton of things:

  • 1 small nail clipper
  • 1 large nail clipper
  • 1 mini scissors
  • 1 cuticle cutter
  • 1 cuticle pusher
  • 1 double sided nail file
  • 1 double-sided nail buffer
  • 1 mini nail brush for washing

Additional items purchased:

  • a wide-mouthed jar ($2.57)
  • a clear base coat ($3)
  • a color nail polish ($3)
  • a mini nail polish remover ($ .97)
  • and a bag of cotton ($1)

Started by filling the bottom of the jar with a handful of cotton balls.  Then strategically placed all the individual items inside around and embedded into the cotton so they wouldn’t clang and move around in the jar (adding cotton between as needed). One item didn’t fit inside the jar, the nail file. Figured to use it with the bow.  As I am a wrapping paper/present person, I had a bolt of tulle in my inventory and used it for this gift, too.  Measured the jar and cut a circle out of the tulle to cover and make a poof at the top.  Tied it with a candy cane bow and added the file to top it off.

This came out cute with the tulle and the peek-a-boo of all the things inside.. and I hope she likes it!

All the items needed for a manicure set in a jar
All the items needed for a manicure set in a jar
Voila!  A sweet bundle of manicured goodness!
Voila! A sweet bundle of manicured cuteness!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Entice says:

    This is such a great gift idea!

  2. pearlsandparis says:

    greatt idea!!

    1. valeriah76 says:

      I thought so too when I saw it! Thanks!

  3. theadventuresofruru says:

    That came out very nice!!!

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