R&R in Provincetown (3 nights)

Hey WordPressland!

How are you guys doing? Hope well, and that you are enjoying a lot of summertime fun. It’s crazy how this Summer has been flying by. It’s the end of August, and I’m not sure how I got here. I need time to slow down, I am definitely not ready to give this heat up just yet.

I’m just getting back from a lil r&r, we hit up Provincetown (Cape Cod) for a few days. It was a lot of fun though the weather was kooky. Ptown is fun no matter what, and we made the best of the kooky weather regardless.

Here are some highlights:

Day 1-We hit the beach running as soon as we got to Ptown, the Head of the Meadow beach. It was beautiful, and there was so much wildlife- birds, fish and SEALS!!

Day two was kooky, the day started rainy then went all the way till dinner with rain. We made the best of it by staying dry as much as possible; thankfully, I made everyone pack raincoats before we left! It was a great day even with the washout. We had a great breakfast under a tent, trekked to the Highlands Lighthouse, made new friends at our hotel, who ended up having reservations at the same spot for dinner. Rain won’t stop us from a good time.

Day 3- We woke up to hazy skies but that didn’t stop us from going to the beach, Herring Cove Beach. We grabbed breakfast from the Portuguese Bakery on Commercial St and hit the sand. We spotted whales all over -which was awesome – their water spouts were hard to miss. The light across the water was luminous and perfect. I just loved it there so much. We hung out for about five hours, and then the weather started to turn. We went for a drive then hung out in the hotel to watch a movie as a bad storm front passed us by. Which took a while, but once it stopped we went into town for dinner and a stroll. It was a beautiful night.

And now I am home, in front of my work laptop reminiscing about not being here. 😂 We have some fun stuff on the horizon though; our annual Labor Day weekend getaway, some concerts, my daughters starting school, my youngest starting rowing again, BUT there’s one thing in particular that I am excited about the most….Pottery Classes!

Yup, your girl here has taken the leap and signed up for a fall semester of pottery throwing!!!! 😊

I decided back in June that I was going to take the plunge. It’s something I have always wanted to try but have been too afraid to actually do. Why afraid? Well.. My inner dialogue is ripe with doubt, but I am trying to change that. So here I am. The session a total of six 2 hour classes but I have eight weeks to finish work. I start Monday night. Yee!!

Should I blog about this experience? 🏺

I probably will. 😂

Welp, that’s all I got for today, guys! My work email is blowing up. Womp.

Thanks for always being here to support my silliness. I appreciate all of you, as it means a lot to me.

Until next time… 💋 xoxo

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