Days 8 & 9- Back to Vegas

Hello WordPress! How’ya doin?

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Boy, do I love long weekends. ❤️ Unfortunately, our plans for Memorial Day ended up changing last minute, we ended up home all three days. Our 8th grader ended up contracting Covid19 in school during the week, and had to isolate five days that brought her in her room through the weekend. Womp. BUT. Her symptoms were, thankfully, just a head-cold with sniffles. She ended up having a blast because all of her besties were home sick, too. All day from my desk I could hear her upstairs cackling laughs with her friends on video chats. And at night, too.

Overall, the weekend actually was wonderful. I got to slow down to do some needed yard work and enjoy the sunshine with my husband. He has been working an insane amount recently, and it was good for both of us to get a few projects outside done.

Plus I got the start on a tan. Woohoo.

Ok so this blog post is about our last days away. And now I can definitively say this post will be a short one! Our last two days away were spent driving back to Las Vegas from Springdale, Utah, then departing for home the next day. Not much to report but I will try!

Day 8

We left Springdale around noon. We wanted to sleep in, send off postcards and enjoy the last moments of mountain air. It is definitely different from regular air. It’s mountainy. ⛰ 😉

Anyways. The plan today was simple. Drive back to Vegas to stay one night at the Bellagio, have a crazy good dinner, then get a good night’s sleep. We got to Vegas and checked into our room within minutes. We quickly changed into bathing suits for a fun long afternoon of pool time. The pool area of the Bellagio is beautiful, and we luckily found four chairs by the main pool not too far from the hot tub. Which was perfect. I’m a hot tub girl.

We sunned a while, grabbed drinks and hit the hot tub. Then we swam, grabbed another round of drinks then warmed up in the sun till it was time to get ready for dinner. My husband left us girls to get pretty to play a few hands at a nearby hotel of black jack. It was a win win.

I had made dinner reservations before leaving home for Spago’s. Which I was looking forward to all week! I wanted to end the trip with a great food experience all around, and splurge a tiny bit.

We. Had. An. Amazing. Night!

We got seated a little after 7P. Unfortunately, I had reservations for balcony seating but they had a private event out there, which they told me about that morning, so boo. But that was ok. We were seated at a big round table with a great view all around.

We started off with a round of drinks and their bread service. Which, as a bread lover, was to die for. We leapt right into ordering dinner after that. My husband and youngest got the pasta bolognese, our oldest got the salmon pizza and I got the weiner schnitzel. The food, the service and the show out the window was so great. We ended the night with more drinks and the chocolate bomb dessert. It was delicious as delicious could be.

We got back up to our rooms super late after, packed up the room a bit and passed out!

Day 9

We woke up early to grab coffee and some pastries to eat outside by the big fountain out front. It was a glorious morning outside, which we all enjoyed but our flight was in the late morning, and since we wanted to grab some souvenirs and candy for our friends, we had to skedaddle quickly.

Did I use that word in my last post too? Weird. I never use that word.

Anyways. We had a smooth flight home, no delay. We grabbed a ride-share to our car, and since we dropped our car off at my in-laws, we could grab my baby boy Jack (cat) on the way home. He was so happy to see me and smell my hair. Heh.

We all reminisced about our trip during the ride home and we all agreed, this was one of our favorite trips. The sunshine, the mountains and nature, all of the great shows, and meals… we felt refreshed and content.

😊 i just love being with my family.

Well that was our April trip! We spent 9 days enjoying a new area of our country and would like to go back again some day. Id like to check out more of Bryce Canyon and take the girls to the Grand Canyon. My husband and I have been before but we didn’t squeeze it in this time.

OK, guys, I gotta run. Hope you all have a fantastic start to June and enjoy the wonderful weather. Thank you for stopping by for a read. I always appreciate the support.

till next post. xoxo

4 thoughts on “Days 8 & 9- Back to Vegas

  1. I am glad that you all had a great trip! Great photos, Valeria, I hope your young one gets well very soon. 🙏🏻❤️

    1. Aw thanks John 😊 – I’m away at the moment, up in the sticks of Maine w friends, and was planning to post when I got back. I was actually planning to post something last week but work got in the way lol.
      I have been keeping up with you!

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