Summer Update and Maine 2019

Hello WordPress-sphere!

How the heck are you guys? And, how fantastic is this Summer so far, huh?

In Massachusetts, we have been experiencing the steamy heat wave weather along with our state peers in the US, and it has my spirits up really high, guys. So hot. So perfect! I am praying for this gorgeous weather to last into late Fall. (Don’t you roll your eyes at me, my cool weather friends.)

I am doing great, in case you were wondering. This Summer has been going really well. I have written a few times about a trip or the Fourth, but I forgot to mention that I am officially done with physical therapy!! Woohoo! But, I haven’t brought myself to hit the gym more than once since. Though I need to go badly. Fat girl here. But I fear injuring myself again, which is unnecessary to fear. I have to get over that feeling and go. I know.

What other Summer fun is there?….Our girls have been living the Summer-life at the local camp each week.  This is their fifth year with this camp, first year together in the same program; their age gap is slowly not starting to not make a difference much. They get to enjoy swimming, paddle boarding, canoeing, hiking, playing games and going on local excursions with the group. They are having a great time together, and seem to be enjoying it more this year than most years past. Our oldest, however, is out of camp this week as she started volunteering at our church’s vacation bible school week; she is in charge of the crafts stations, of course. Oh, she also started field hockey clinic this week, which is going great. She is to start field hockey this Fall for the first time. Super excited for her. They are done with camp next week, however, and as soon as they are out of camp we are off on a tropical vacation, that I am insanely excited over. We decided last minute to change our previous road trip plans. It hurt to cancel everything that we worked on, but I have a feeling this trip will not disappoint. I will share details when we get back.

So, Maine.

We took a four day trip to visit our friends at their cabin up far, far, far North in the mountains of Maine along Webb Lake. Our friend’s family owns two houses on the lake, and have been going there for 25+ years.  Lots of family history.  This is a trip we have taken a few years in a row and it is so much fun. This year, just like last year, another best friend of ours came up for a couple of days, which was excellent. This core group of friends have always celebrated the good things in life together but we have become closer over these past 10 years, we are family.

And, guess what, guys? I think I may enjoy lake life. I know. Who am I? Each time we go up to their lake house I just feel time stand still and fall in love with the space. The reflective water with the mountain backdrop laid out perfectly before us. The natural silence, only interrupted by laughter and an occasional speedboat. The children swimming all day. The warm sunshine and soft breezes. Late night star gazing by the bonfire. Great company. It all adds up to a feeling that I never want to pass on.


First day:

For the most part, this year, we enjoyed lake life as much as we could together.. lots of swimming, boating, eating, and American Bald Eagle spotting!! What great luck!! It has been a handful of years that we have been trying to spot eagles together, and this year we spotted eagles on two different days. The first day there was one near their nest, perched perfectly right on top of a tree.  Then the second day we spotted TWO together a tree apart.  It was super cool. They are magnificent creatures.

Day two:


We took a quick trip one afternoon to check out the town’s heritage day, which was basically a half block radius of local fare and things to see.  The Town Hall was turned into a market, selling local honeys, jams, handmade cards, t-shirts and carvings.  Across the street, at the Museum, they had a man churning ice cream for free, Grape Nut flavored, and, there were vendors with cold water and hotdogs.  At a yard near this, there was a face painter, a local traveling petting zoo, and then across from them (next to the Town Hall) there was the local fire department set up with vintage cars and a truck.  It was super small, but it did make me happy to see it all.  I enjoy seeing small town life; how everyone knows one another and support each other.  It is sweet.

Day three:

Then on our last day, my husband and I decided to take a nice long walk around the lake.  Not even ten paces from our camp we spot a beautiful green frog swimming in the lake.  The first time I had ever seen a frog in a lake.

Last day:

It was such a great four days, and I can’t believe how much I love the lake!!


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