Top Ten Thursday- more random things to know about Valeria

  1. I…trained our cat, Gordon Ramsey, to box. He knows when I ask him to ‘jump jump’ on the back of the couch in the front room that it’s go time. He is real good at it! He also plays hide-n-seek and tag.  He is that smart!!  Also, he is named after the chef but his last name is spelled differently as my cat is not a jerk.

  2. I…cannot believe my 13-year-old has a frickin’ boyfriend. By all means, I trust her and they are naive kids, more into the label of boyfriend/girlfriend as they find everything, like holding hands, to be awkward. Let’s hope everything is awkward forever. LOL. Bahhhh. Ok this isn’t about me, but it’s been on my mind for two weeks.

  3. I…will reference Seinfeld at least three times a day. *at least. A few weeks ago the damnedest trend started.. I met people who HAVE NEVER seen Seinfeld. 😮

  4. I…cook. It’s one of my strongest talents. I feel at most myself while cooking. On average, I cook at home 6 days a week. From the simple to complex, using whole ingredients, and I enjoy every minute.

  5. I…am utterly obsessed with Halloween. Anxiety kicks in if I don’t have a Halloween costume planned before Spring.  I am torn choosing between two right now.  I have some time.

  6. I…am currently on a baking mission. I cook but baking is different. So I decided a week ago to teach myself to bake from scratch. I want to be that person who whips up yummy treats all the time easily; and with my youngest daughter wanting to learn, I have to!!

  7. I…like giving advice. Ask me anything!

  8. I…was disappointed for weeks with my DNA test results until my husband convinced me how amazing they actually were. The results seemed lame to me because I look like a mashup of many nationalities. Guess what? I’m 96% Italian, from Sicily. Ha! The rest Greek.

  9. I…am actually more of an introvert than extrovert. Whenever I tell people this they don’t believe me, but it’s true!

  10. I…, since I was a kid, have been picking out which actor or actress would play my family and friends in my life movie.  I, especially, love doing this when I meet someone new. The weirdest part of this is … well, I have never chosen anyone to play me!  And yes, if we are friends irl, I have chosen someone to play YOU!  haha

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