Top Ten Thursday- Things I Love in Winter (part 2 of 3)

Hello Everyone!

Here we go, another post of this series of Things I love in Winter.  I have to say, I haven’t even thought of anything to put in this post so this is going to hurt me a little.  🙂  It’s difficult for me to put myself in this place, Winter.  Especially after being in Cuba and re-living that trip through my photos.  BUT.. I am here and ready to convince myself that Winter is great!

So let’s go on this journey!

Valeria’s Top Ten Thursday- Things I Love in Winter (part 2)

  1. The glisten on fresh snow in the sunshine
  2. Wearing bright plum lipstick
  3. Smelling fireplaces in the distance on a crisp day
  4. Hot English black tea before bed
  5. Seeing birds from my window land on the bare branches of my boxwood tree
  6. Wearing my velvet thinsulate insulated gloves (BEST GLOVES EVER) 
  7. Burning peppermint scented candles 
  8. Scarves!
  9. Cuddling in bed early watching TV
  10. Seeing deer or rabbit tracks in the snow 

Hmm, well, that wasn’t that hard once I forced myself to focus.  I really do love these things about Winter, especially number 10!

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