Top Ten Thursday- January Highlights

Hello WordPressland!

Here we are, the last Thursday, and, last day of January! January has flown by pretty fast, right?

Today’s top ten theme may be something I write about each last Thursday of the month.  Highlights to reflect on to wrap up the month. 

I’m always trying to find the bright spots in life. Anything I can do to help me see..that life is pretty damn good even if it feels otherwise. Actually, this is a great exercise for everyone to do, as well. Think about your last thirty days.  You’d be surprised at what you will recall, where your mind leads you, and/or, what you learn about yourself. Some of your recollection may not be all that exciting, but parts of it may have brought you happiness. It may not be all that positive, but it may guide you to make better life choices.  That is my point, look for the bright spots!

So here I go…

Valeria’s Top Ten Thursday- January Highlights 

  1. Physical Therapy progress! I am having double shoulder impingement issues, and the pain has definitely lessened in my left arm!  Which is a win. My right shoulder, on the other hand, is progressing more slowly. Which stinks!
  2. Papi from the Red Sox walked by us with his entourage at the hotel at Foxwoods!
  3. Danced on chairs and sang (literally) a hundred songs with friends at a fundraiser.
  4. Finally made time for myself after a time robbing December.
  5. Which also means, I finally got to spend an entire evening snuggling with my daughters, watching movies and eating cheese doodles. I love the cheese doodles.
  6. Even with a lot of food centric events this month, and that night of laziness and cheese doodles, I kept the eleven lbs I lost in December off!
  7. Received a dozen red roses this Monday, which was a great surprise. 🙂 I also love surprises!  I am always accepting flowers and gifts.. jussayin’.
  8. Oddly, my farsightedness got better by a quarter point in each eye!! New prescription is sweet!  I did, however, think I was going old-age-blind before my eye appointment.  Also, I love my opthamologist! He is the coolest guy on the planet! 
  9. Stayed up till 3AM one night talking to my husband; which would’ve left me sleep deprived but because he is my biggest cheerleader, his support made me feel so good and clear. 
  10. Counting down from weeks to days till our big vacation. We are under double digits now!! Wooo!

AHH!! I loved writing out this list!! 

Reflecting on the month, like this, I realize that not much is needed for me to feel content.  I learned that sometimes it’s wise to talk through your problems with loved ones, even if it has nothing to do with them directly.  Speaking your thoughts out loud can help you think clearly.  Also, I see that I may have a crush on my opthamologist.  haha jk! But he is a great eye doctor. 

I know that not all months may convey this good message, but January 2019 has, and I am grateful. 



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