Dance Recital 2018

Well, hallelujah hallelujah, dance is officially over for the school year!

After 8 months of getting the girls’ classes straight, washing and drying leotards/tights/pants each week, primping hair, and a lot of driving to rehearsals, we have made it to the big day!  YAHOO!!  (Recital, like Memorial Day weekend, gives me the feels to kick off Summer …for me anyways.)

The school put on quite the performance this year, it was fun from the first dance to the last.  And my girls did a wonderful job with their peers in “Game On”.  Games was this year’s theme.  My oldest daughter performed Capture the Flag (ballet), and my youngest Family Feud (jazz funk) and Memory (ballet)..some pretty great games.  There were so many special dances this performance, and I wish I could share them all with you.  Each game was matched with a song that was of that game, like “Twister” was danced to “Twist and Shout”.  So many clever matches.  They even put on a verse from Hamilton as an interpretation of Call of good!!  These kids worked so hard, and it showed!  GREAT JOB, TDS!!!

I always get super emotional during recital.  I don’t know if are catching on to my theme of crying yet, but apparently I cry a lot and tell you guys.  SMH.  It’s just so emotional for me to sit through these productions at times.  Watching all the tiny little preschoolers perform at the start, bumbling and forgetting their positions..just at that sweet age my girls started dance.  Then the trotting, voluptuous, high schoolers dancing perfectly poised in such complicated numbers, who my girls will one day become.  It just gets me at times. These girls are growing up way too fast, and it’s freaking me out!!  I got them dressed today and was like, “I have a twelve-year-old?”.  Like when did that happen?!?!

But it did.  I have a preteen!!

After the performance, we treated everyone to pizza, which was fun, and now I am here at home doing laundry with a house of preteens (niece included) ripping up the place and hollering craziness.  Which I love.


Here are some fun pics of the day.


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