Day 1- Traveling to Tokyo

And just like that, I have been around the globe and back.  I was snapping while I said that in case you were wondering.   


Konnichiwa WordPressLand!

I am super happy to be home because I missed my children like mad, but, at the same time feel sad because Japan is an amazing country, and five days anywhere away is never enough time.  Especially, after a 13.5 hour plane ride to the destination. Yes, 13.5 hours non-stop! We opted for the direct flight on Japan Airlines from Boston to Tokyo (13.5hrs), and back Tokyo to Boston (12hrs).  As I mentioned in my last post, this trip was a work trip for my husband but a last-minute pleasure trip for myself.  A trip we sort of repeated 13 years ago.

I was a little nervous to fly.  First because we had never travelled this far away from our kids, so that drove my nerves hardcore, but also because I had been having a string of bad luck the week leading up to this day. And when I say bad luck I mean it..  I had a car accident the Friday before (I am ok, but my car is not).   I bumped my noggin pretty hard on my dryer that next night (of all places).  While lighting my jack o’lantern for the town’s make up Halloween Sunday night, the match exploded and literally ignited my finger tip burning it pretty badly.  My youngest daughter ended up coming home early Monday with a stomach bug, which without a car, I had to walk to pick her up in the rain (I felt bad for her not me obv, cause she didn’t feel well but still had to walk home).  Then as I had the house all clean for my parents to stay over while we were away, my daughter puked everywhere!  Then on the same day, my oldest daughter comes home from school saying she thinks she has a walking pneumonia!!!  Rushed her to the pediatrician, but she didn’t have walking pneumonia just complications with seasonal allergies and her inhaler.

Thank God it all ended up ok, well, except my car.  She is in the shop and might be for two weeks. I just have to laugh it off..  haha  Well, c’est la vie, am I right?  Ok, so string of bad luck, I was nervous, and the night before we left I was walking with my oldest daughter as she spotted a lucky penny…waving for me to pick it up.  So of course, I jumped at the chance to grab it. Sounds crazy, I know, but I felt like that penny was lucky so I brought that copper puppy with me on the plane..and yes, my bad luck streak ended!! Woo to me!

‘I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.’

Day 1– Traveling to Tokyo from Boston

We left Boston on November 7 at 12:30PM, right on time!  The flight was great, and the plane had a lot of upgraded features that you just don’t see on many planes, Boeing’s 787 pictured below.  In flight it is virtually quiet.  The circulated air is humidified, so no dry skin or noses. The windows darkened and lightened from within, so no loud shutter sounds when closing them. They had touch screens, and of course had movie selections, like an insane amount, but also there were computer games, audiobooks and a 3-d map of the flight through their media.  We were in Economy class, window and aisle seats, which were spacious and comfy.  All around a great experience.


We had hired a car service to transport us back and forth from the Narita Airport and hotel.  The ride is about 1.5 hours from the airport to the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, where we were staying.  The driver’s van was clean, and the gentleman driver was a very nice man.  A very silent man. haha But the last time we went to Japan we took a bus to our hotel, we were at a different airport/hotel, but it was miserable after a long flight to bus around.  This time was much much MUUUUCh better, and we were happier.  Plus, I liked it a lot because we got to see a lot of sights from the car that we wouldn’t be getting to during this trip.

We stayed at the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo.  What a beautiful hotel.  We got a room with a spectacular view of the city, the municipal building and Mt Fuji in the backdrop.  It was surreal!  The hotel is located within walking distance to the Shinjuku train station, some major attractions, lots of dining and the largest shopping areas in the city.  Perfect spot for anyone that wants to seek out the city, try out some nightlife and shop… Tokyo is literally about shopping.  So, ya know, I was in heaven  🙂

So.  Fourteen hours ahead can be hard to change your body clock!  My advice…SLEEP as soon as you can after it is dark!   Well, that is what I did, inadvertently, anyways because we got to the hotel with me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Talking about going to eat.  We got to our room, freshened up, unpacked, checked out the view then I don’t know what happened but I laid on the bed to check it out… and poof, lights out for this girl!  Was woken up to change into my pjs.  Sleeping that long helped me feel great the next morning and the rest of the trip.  (usually, advanced time changes screw with me and I am like a zombie for a week..not this time!)

Day two is up next!


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